Support for mounting EXFAT and NTFS file systems under CentOS

CSDN GitHub Support for mounting EXFAT and NTFS file systems under CentOS Aderxcoding/system/tools/centos_mount_exfat_ntfs This work is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial use-Share 4.0

Play Openresty resty-cli module on CentOS 6.9 x86_64

RESTY-CLI is a collection of command-line tools in Openresty, where resty tools are most useful. After installing the Openresty, the RESTY-CLI will be installed by default, as an example of my installation, see the blog post

Install build Essentials on CentOS 7 and Ubuntu 14.03

Linux operating system above the development program, the light with GCC is not possible it also needs a build-essential package function is to provide the compiler must be a package of the list of information that the compiler has the package it

Linux CentOS Centos7 installs oci8 and PDO_OCI extensions

Linux Centos7 installing oci8 and Pdo_oci extensionsFirst, the basic environment1, centos7_64+apache/2.4.7+php5.3.27;2, oracle11.2 (remote)3. Set oracle11.2 to run remote access (within the scope of Oracle settings)4, set the firewall operating

Linux CentOS installation rz and sz command Lrzsz

Lrzsz can be uploaded and downloaded in Linux instead of FTP.LRZSZ Official entrance: is a UNIX communication suite that provides the X, Y, and Zmodem file transfer protocolsWindows needs to upload files to

Setting up a PPPoE server on Linux (CentOS)

Tag: Build a PPPoE server on Linux (CentOS)Build PPPoE, success, I think the TM super simple, in CentOS is about 5 steps can be done1, install PPPoE, after the installation is complete, there will be pppoe-server commandYum Install Rp-pppoe2, after

Linux CentOS 7 Installation Font Library & Chinese fonts

Recently, with CentOS, HTML was generated using PHANTOMJS to generate PDFs, but it was generated several times, but the content was always empty.Find it and find out what fonts are supported on the system.After you run the following command:Yum

Installing a Ceph storage cluster under CentOS 7

Directory First, prepare the machine Second, ceph node installation Third, build a cluster Iv. expansion of clusters (expansion) First, prepare the machineAltogether 4 machines, of which 1 are management nodes, the other 3

CentOS 7 failed to start Docker.

Just installed Docker-io, the following error is reported when booting:Error starting daemon:selinux is not supported with the Overlay2 graph driver on this kernel. Either boot into a newer kernel or disable SELinux in DockerSolve:Open

Pxe+kickstart Unattended installation of CentOS

Use TFTP,DHCP to build a batch installation Linux system server with PXESystem environmentLab Environment: VMware Workstation 10System platform: CentOS release 6.4 (minimized installation)Network mode: NAT mode (IP address of shared host)Firewall is

CENTOS 6.10 Installation VirtualBox virtualization Platform

Demand:1. Improve the existing server utilization, reduce the cost of single server;2. Virtualization is simple and quick to operate Graphical operation control interface for remote access to operational servers anywhere Implementing

Troubleshooting CentOS Yum Update error

Installed CentOS 7 in the server yesterday, encountered the Yum update failure problem. This problem is limited by the mirror address.The following error is displayed:This error is typically the problem with the source of the Mirror:Mirror

Record CentOS Installation Tomcat9

(1) Installing the Java Operating environmentYum-y UpdateYum Search Java#这里会出现与java相关的包java -1.8.0-OPENJDK.X86_64:OPENJDK Runtime EnvironmentYum-y Install java-1.8.0-openjdk.x86_64Yum-y Install java-1.8.0-openjdk-devel.x86_64Java-version#openjdk

CentOS installs the latest RabbitMQ 3.7.8

RABBITMQ relies on Erlang,erlang and relies on a lot of packages, installation is very troublesome, you can do the following:RABBITMQ offers a new Erlang package on GitHub ( directly to the Yum

FIX: CentOS configuration ssh password-free login still need to enter passwords

Transfer from step: Create a secret key in this machine1. Execute command: ssh-keygen-t RSA2, after all the way to enter the line, will be in the ~ (home) directory generated. SSH (hidden) folder;3, there

Fix CentOS 7 under Tomcat font exception font ' Arial ' is not available to the JVM

Error message:SEVERE:Servlet.service () for the Servlet [example] in the context with path [/MyProject]threw exception [Request processing failed; nested exception is Net.sf.jasperreports.engine.util.JRFontNotFoundException:Font ' song body ' is not

CentOS Install beef do XSS platform

Referring to the XSS platform, most people are using source to build, source platform, although easy to use, but not powerful enough, such as can not be used with Metasploit for a further step of the intrusion test.This deployment

CentOS 7 hidden taskbar and top bar

I use GNOME, for the use of Windows I, this interface is indeed a bit ugly, but, will also be used, recently found a software (Cairo-dock) can beautify the desktop, and then installed, but after the installation found a problem: The original

CentOS Install, configure APR and tomcat-native

APR:Apache Portable run-time Libraries,apache Portable Runtime LibraryIn earlier versions of Apache, the application itself must be able to handle the details of a variety of specific operating system platforms and invoke different processing

Solve the Problem of Temporary failure in name resolution when CentOS uses wget

Solve the Problem of Temporary failure in name resolution when CentOS uses wget The following error occurs when you use wget to download a file when installing Redis in CentOS: Wget

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