CentOS 7 installs Gitlab 8-6 Chinese Edition tutorial

1. Close SELinux [root@ds-vm-node83 ~]# sed-i ' s/^selinux=.*/#&/;s/^selinuxtype=.*/#&/;/selinux=.*/a SELINUX=disabled '/etc/ Sysconfig/selinux[Root@ds-vm-node83 ~]# Setenforce 0Setenforce:selinux is disabled[Root@ds-vm-node83 ~]# 2. Install Epel

CentOS 7 steps to install OpenVPN

Check system environment [Root@ss-usa-odo01 ~]# Cat/etc/redhat-releaseCentOS Linux release 7.0.1406 (Core)[Root@ss-usa-odo01 ~]# DF-HPFileSystem Size Used Avail use% mounted on/DEV/PLOOP12288P1 30G 484M 28G 2%/Devtmpfs 256M 0 256M 0%/devTmpfs 256M 0

Two methods of PHP5 installation Curl expansion under CentOS system

php5.3 Installation Curl Extension The code is as follows Copy Code Tar zxf Decompression./configure--prefix=/usr/local/curlMakeMake install Enter the source code package of PHP, if not, download php5.3.tar.gz

CentOS 7 Installation Docker Service detail process _docker

Docker Introduction Docker is an open source application container engine that allows developers to package their apps and dependencies into a portable container, and then publish it to any popular Linux machine or virtualization. Containers are

How to compile and install the GD library separately in the CentOS server

These days has been to get a mall system, the system's source code and database have been uploaded and created. However, when you install the system, you are prompted for a missing GD library. As follows: Use the PHP probe to see that PHP

Redhat 7.1 Enterprise Edition uses the Yum source of CentOS 7


It is well known that the Red Hat Enterprise Server is not able to update the software if it is not registered. Due to the Redhat Yum online update is charged, if not registered words are not available, that is, can not install the software online.

CentOS installation tensorflow:importerror:/lib64/libc.so.6:version ' glibc_2.17 ' not found_ depth learning

After installing TensorFlow1.2 on CentOS6, the following issues occurred when import TensorFlow: 1 Importerror:/lib64/libc.so.6:version ' glibc_2.17 ' not found The reason for this error is that the 2.17 version of the GLIBC library is not

Support for mounting EXFAT and NTFS file systems under CentOS

CSDN GitHub Support for mounting EXFAT and NTFS file systems under CentOS Aderxcoding/system/tools/centos_mount_exfat_ntfs This work is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial use-Share 4.0

Linux CentOS Centos7 installs oci8 and PDO_OCI extensions

Linux Centos7 installing oci8 and Pdo_oci extensionsFirst, the basic environment1, centos7_64+apache/2.4.7+php5.3.27;2, oracle11.2 (remote)3. Set oracle11.2 to run remote access (within the scope of Oracle settings)4, set the firewall operating

Centos 6.8 Install Zabbix 3.2 version install and modify fonts

IP DNS I'm not going to tell you.Install the Habitual software firstYum-y Install nano wget lrzsz Update yum source I used Ali's cd/etc/yum.repos.d/\CP Centos-base.repo centos-base.repo.$ (date +%f) # #备份源文件Wget-o Centos-base.repo Http:

Install and configure Jenkins (CentOS 7 64-bit)

1. Install Jenkins (to prepare Java environment, must jdk8 and above)Download JDK 1.8, upload to CENTOS7 systemDecompression: TAR-ZXVF jdk-8u181-linux-x64.tar.gzSave:mkdir/usr/local/jdk/MV jdk1.8.0_181/*/usr/local/jdk/To configure environment

Fix CentOS 7 under Tomcat font exception font ' Arial ' is not available to the JVM

Error message:SEVERE:Servlet.service () for the Servlet [example] in the context with path [/MyProject]threw exception [Request processing failed; nested exception is Net.sf.jasperreports.engine.util.JRFontNotFoundException:Font ' song body ' is not

CentOS 7 HOSTAPD Routing mode configuration

This is another way to implement the wireless access point AP mode using HOSTAPD under Linux: HOSTAPD routing mode configuration.For the basic configuration of hardware and software and HOSTAPD installation in the "CentOS 7 HOSTAPD AP Mode

Build the right research environment with CentOS 7: Zhuan

This blog post records the process of building a seismological research environment with CentOS 7 for my personal reference in future re-installation of the system. For other seismological researchers, it may be useful for reference.Reading

CentOS 5/6.x using EPEL yum source

Reference: http://www.linuxidc.com/Linux/2013-08/88523.htmOutline one, what is Epel? Ii. comparison with 163 yum source three, CentOS 5.X installation using Epel Yum Source IV, CentOS 6.X installation using Epel Yum Source Five, the use of six,

CentOS 7 System upgrade Backup recovery experiment record

First, the system version1) CentOS 7.1.15032) CentOS 7.2.1511Second, back up the current operating system with the TAR command#tar cvpzf/mnt/linuxbackup.tgz--exclude=/proc--exclude=/lost+found--exclude=/mnt/linuxbackup.tgz--exclude=/

Enable EPEL Repository for Rhel/centos 7.x/6.x/5.x

This howto guide shows your ' ll how to enable EPEL repository under Rhel/centos 6/5 to the install additional standard Open source packages by using the YUM command.What is EPELEPEL (Extra Packages for Enterprise Linux) are open source and free

Redhat 7.0 Installing the CentOS 7 Yum network source


Redhat's update package only takes effect for registered users, so we manually change the update package to CentOS, which is almost the same as Redhat, so there's no need to worry about whether the package is installable, if there is a problem after

Build GTK + codeblock in centos

I. source code package 1. GNU make Tool 2. GNU gettext package (required when the system does not have the gettext () function) 3. GNU libiconv Library (required when the system does not have the iconv () function) 4. fontconfig Library Fontconfig

Configure the syslog server in Linux and configure the rsyslog client in CentOS to remotely record logs.

Configure a syslog server on LinuxA syslog server can be used as a log monitoring center in a network. All facilities that can send logs over the network (including Linux or Windows servers, routers, switches, and other hosts) you can send logs to

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