Centos modifies the system's default language and encoding

Sometimes, when centos is installed, the default language is set to Chinese, while some SSH software does not support Chinese encoding, so some garbled characters may occur during Remote Management. How can I modify the default centos language? Use

Create a sudo user without a password in centos

In Linux, how does one allow ordinary users to use sudo permissions without entering a password. I can see a lot of information on the Internet, but I can only add the following lines in/etc/sudoers: username all = (all) nopasswd: All, but when I

Solution after the taskbar of the centos GNOME panel disappears

Today, I finally made up my mind to install my computer as centos. When I got online, I felt that the top menu bar was out of the way and I deleted it.That is, the top line of the desktop, and Baidu is fruitless. Google won't be able to go up, So

Add administrator permissions to common centos users

1. Add a user. First, use the adduser command to add a common user. The command is as follows:# Adduser keaising // Add a user named keaising# Passwd ljl // change the passwordChanging password for user keaising.New Unix Password: // enter the new

General centos users add sudo Permissions

tag: Http File OS for HTML Div Environment for adding sudo permissions to centos common users: centos operations under VMware: [[email protected] ~] $ Sudo apt-Get install samba

Install and run the iscsi service on centos

I. Server installation: [[Email protected] cd] # rpm-IVH scsi-target-utils-1.0.24-10.el6.x86_64.rpm Warning: scsi-target-utils-1.0.24-10.el6.x86_64.rpm: Header V3 RSA/sha1 signature, key ID c105b9de: nokey Error: Failed dependencies: Libibverbs. so.1

Vmvm centos file sharing directory settings

Source: Install VMware Tools in centos 6, and solve the problem of HGFS in/mnt without sharing files after installation.   1. First install VMware Tools 1. Enter Linux as root2. In the VMware Status Bar of Virtual Machine Software, click the Enable

Explanation of basic centos default services

1. Use chkconfig -- list to view installed services. For example, I want to minimize some services after installation. [[Email protected] ~] # Chkconfig -- list Auditd 0: off 1: off 2: On 3: On 4: On 5: on 6: Off Crond 0: off 1: off 2: On 3: On 4:

Install docker in RedHat/centos (without upgrading the kernel)

Due to kernel version problems, only Ubuntu can better support docker at first. However, because the RedHat series OS (rehl, centos) is currently the mainstream Linux server operating system, it is necessary for the RedHat series OS to support

How to view centos versions

You can view the following commands: # Lsb_release- LSB version: core-3.1-ia32: core-3.1-noarch: graphics-3.1-ia32: graphics-3.1-noarch Distributor ID: centos Description: centos release 5.4 (final) Release: 5.4 Codename: Final This command

Deployment and configuration of tigase XMPP server in centos

Deployment and configuration of tigase XMPP server in centos Chszs, which must be noted for reprinting. Blog homepage: http://blog.csdn.net/chszs The following describes how to install tigase XMPP server on a Linux server. tigase includes all the

Install gearman on centos

Centos installation of gearmanpost by rocdk890/2012-8-4 Saturday Linux technology comments today we asked me to install gearman on the server. The server environment is lamp. What is gearman? In fact, this gearman is a robust system for processing

A low-level error in "installing centos in vbox": Version Selection

Date: July 18, 2014 Error Description: The Virtual Machine System Version is incorrectly selected. As a result, you cannot boot to the CD for installation. Error REPLAY: Because the concepts of centos and rehat are obfuscated, centos is understood

Centos uses the DD command to create a USB disk boot disk

Format the USB flash disk first: Use fdisk-L to view the USB flash disk to the mount point, for example,/dev/sdb1. Unmount the USB flash disk and run the format command mkfs. vfat/dev/sdb1. Then re-mount the USB flash drive to create the boot disk:

Build your own local source server in centos

First, create a site. Both httpd and nginx are supported. The root directory of my site points to "/var/www/centos /" Download the source and synchronize the source Rsync-AVRT rsync: // mirrors.ustc.edu.cn/centos/6.5/updates/x86_64/

Install PCRE on centos

# Rpm-Qa | grep PCRE            // Whether the PCRE is installed in the query system. Generally, the system is installed by default, so we need to delete the built-in # Cp/lib/libpcre. so.0/         // Before deleting the built-in PCRE, back up

Install the HTTP git server on centos

1. Install httpd, git, and gitweb on the server.   1 #yum install httpd git git-daemon  gitweb 2. initialize the repository on the server 123 #mkdir -p /data3/gitserver#cd /data3/gitserver# Git init -- bare git_repo #

Enable FTP and user configuration for centos

As an FTP server, vsftpd is very common in Linux systems. The following describes how to install vsftp on centos.  What is vsftpd? Vsftpd is the most popular FTP server program in the Linux release. Features: small, light, secure, and easy to

Common centos commands

(1) Network Problems 1. view a Port: Netstat-LNP | grep 80 2. view the occupied Port: Netstat-LNP or netstat-tnlup   (2) software-related 1. How many software packages are installed: Rpm-Qa | WC-l Yum List Installed | WC-l 2. What are

Install Apache and centosapache on Centos

Install Apache and centosapache on Centos Check rpm-qa httpd [Root @ luozhonghua icons] # rpm-qa | grep httpd Httpd-2.2.15-30.el6.centos.i686 View installation path Rpm-SQL httpd-2.2.15-30.el6.centos.i686   Ensure installation is complete

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