[CentOS] Use Gitolite to build git server

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1. Create a user

#创建gitadmin用户useradd gitadmin# set gitadmin password passwd gitadmin# create git user useradd git# set git password passwd git

2. Create an SSH key

#切换到gitadmin > Su gitadmin# create an ssh key > ssh-keygengenerating public/private RSA key pair. #注意, The following gitadmin is the input entered into the which to save the key (/HOME/GITADMIN/.SSH/ID_RSA): gitadmin# below the direct carriage can enter passphrase ( Empty for no passphrase): #下面直接回车就可以Enter same passphrase again:

This time, you can see these two files under the/home/gitadmin/.ssh


Copy gitadmin.pub to temp directory


3. Set up a git user

#登录git用户su git

Set up a Gitolite project

git clone git://github.com/sitaramc/gitolitemkdir-p $HOME/bingitolite/install-to $HOME/bin

Set Gitadmin user as Super admin

#复制上面的ssh密钥cp/tmp/gitadmin.pub ~/#设置成为超级管理员gitolite setup-pk gitadmin.pub

4. Manage the project through Gitolite

#切换到gitadmin用户su gitadmin# build gitolite project management repository git clone [email protected]:gitolite-admin# then enter gitadmin password!

At this point, the general completion of the construction of the environment. Detailed user and warehouse settings can be found here: https://github.com/sitaramc/gitolite

Has fun with git!

[CentOS] Use Gitolite to build git server

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