Mount a USB flash drive under centos

USB flash drive insertion prompt:[SDB] No caching mode page present[SDB] Assuming drive cache: Write ThroughUse fdisk-L to check the USB flash disk (in fact, this is useless, just look at it) The following are the operations (only two steps are

Install git on centos

1Install the dependency package Yum install curl-Devel Yum install zlib-Devel Yum install Perl-Devel Yum install gettext-Devel Yum install expat-Devel Yum install OpenSSL-Devel2. download the latest package web site yourself Baidu git-xx.tar.gz 3.

Solution to Bash: XXX: Command not found in centos

Recently, I want to build an android project in centos. After JDK and Android SDK are configured, the environment variables of Java and Android are configured in/etc/profile, however, you cannot directly use the android update project command in

Centos installation setup

I. Preface Setup is the graphical management setting tool in Linux. II. Environment System: centos6.4 64-bit (minimal installation) Iii. Configuration # Yum install setuptool // install setuptool to use the setup command # setup // The

Install git on centos

Follow this article Install dependency: Yum install curlyum install curl-develyum install zlib-develyum install OpenSSL-develyum install perlyum install cpioyum install expat-develyum install gettext-devel Download the GIT source package:

NFS for mounting centos on AIX

Centos serves as the server and provides the NFS file system. AIX acts as the client and mounts the specified directory of centos. (1) NFS installation Configuration:Centos 5: Yum-y install nfs-utils Portmap Centos 6 (in centos 6.3, The Portmap

Samba configuration in centos

1. Install Samba (centos Linux): Yum install Samba system-config-samba-client samba-common 2. Create a WWW account /Usr/sbin/groupadd www/usr/sbin/useradd-G WWW Mkdir-P/data/ Chown-r www: www/data/ Chmod 777/data/ CAT/etc/passwd | mksmbpasswd.

Build SVN + Apache server under centos

Install software package # yum install httpd # yum install mod_dav_svn # yum install subversion 2. Verify Installation  # httpd -version Result: Go to/etc/httpd/modules/and check whether and are included.

Automatic sending of emails in centos to check whether a process exists

Purpose: use shell scripts to check whether the database is running hourly and send an email alert when the database is down. 1. Check if Sendmail is running Service Sendmail status If it is not running, start or install it. For Linux 6, check

How to solve the "unicodedecodeerror: 'ascii 'codec" problem when using yum in centos

Problem When centos 6.5 is installed, the following error occurs when you plan to use the yum Installer: Loading mirror speeds from cached hostfileTraceback (most recent call last): File "/usr/bin/yum", line 29, in yummain.user_main(sys.argv[1

Install mesos and instance test on centos

1 install mesos Install mesos on centos in the following steps. Necessary System Tools and libraries, run the following command. $sudo yum groupinstall "Developmenttools"$sudo yum installjava-1.6.0-openjdk.x86_64 java-1.6.0-openjdk-devel.x86_64

Use systemctl to add custom system services on centos 7

Centos 7 inherits New Features of RHEL 7, such as powerful systemctl. The use of systemctl also makes the/etc/init of system services in the past. d's startup script method has changed, greatly improving the operating efficiency of system services.

Install ant in centos

1. Create a directory for installing ant. Now, we create the ant directory under the/usr directory. 2. Download CD/usr/ant to enter the Directory and use wget ant to download ant to the current directory. The ant download page

Install the video player mplayer in centos

Watch the video when installing mplayer on centos DesktopToday, we installed the centos 6.3 desktop environment to work with the Java development environment.After the event, I found that the TV player in the centos6.3 desktop application could not

Install code blocks in centos

Codeblocks installation in centos is not as easy as in Ubuntu, and can be directly installed in the Software Center. We have to install it on our own, which is not very troublesome. 1. Install GCC and GCC ++ first, which can be directly installed. #

Centos wireless Nic settings

Lenovo ThinkPad e430. After centos is installed, the wireless network card has been unable to be used. It has gone through two twists and turns to the installation process of the network card driver. It took two nights to finally enjoy using the

Install MRTG traffic monitoring on centos

1Install net-snmp # Yum install net-snmp-utils-y# Snmpwalk-V 1-C public localhostip-MiB: ipadentifindexCreated directory:/var/lib/net-snmp/mib_indexesTimeout: no response from localhostNo data can be extracted. We need to modify/etc/snmp/snmpd. conf.

Centos disable notebook touchpad

I installed a pair of systems in my laptop at home, and found that the touchpad was annoying and disabled! 1. Install a small artifact yum install xorg-x11-apps 2. view the hardware ID to enable or disable the command. [[email protected] yum.repos.d]

Centos uses the dd command to create a USB flash drive wodim to burn the disc, centoswodim

Centos uses the dd command to create a USB flash drive wodim to burn the disc, centoswodimFormat the USB flash disk first: Use fdisk-l to view the USB flash disk to the mount point, for example,/dev/sdb1. Unmount the USB flash disk and run the

A low-level error in "Vbox CentOS system installation": Version selection, vboxcentos

A low-level error in "Vbox CentOS system installation": Version selection, vboxcentos Date: July 18, 2014 Error Description: The Virtual Machine System Version is incorrectly selected. As a result, you cannot boot to the CD for installation. Error

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