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Getting Started with CSS tutorial

css| Tutorials | Getting Started Tutorial CSS is the abbreviation for "cascading style Sheets", which is translated as "threaded style sheet" and translated as "style sheet". CSS used as a Web page layout and style design, in the Web Standard

Use XHTML 1.0 Strict where special attention is needed

Always use lowercase letters, let quotes accompany attributes: All elements and attributes must be named with lowercase, and all attribute values must use double quotes. Error: Correct: Close all elements: some elements in HTML are not

WPS2007 the renminbi lowercase to uppercase

Excel does not provide such a function directly, and to implement this transformation requires several function formulas to be called, and the complexity is sufficient. Well now, because the latest version of WPS Table 2007 provides such a feature,

Introduction to the simplest and fastest way to implement Apache two-level domain names

First, you have a top-level domain name that has a universal domain name resolution, such as: domain.com Second, open the mod_rewrite in the httpd.conf. After that, at the end of httpd.conf, add the following: RewriteEngine onRewriteMap lowercase

C # Programming specifications and conventions

Programming | specification Anyone can write code! A few months of programming experience allows you to write "Running applications." Make it easy to run, but coding in the most efficient way requires more effort!You know, most programmers are

Installation configuration of thinkphp Learning notes

This article mainly introduces a domestic MVC framework thinkphp, here is the thinkphp installation and configuration, as well as a simple example, the need for small partners can refer to. --> The thinkphp framework is an MVC framework that

Web page Production Tutorial: CSS naming conventions

css| Specification | tutorials | Web xhtml-css Writing SuggestionsAll XHTML Code Lowercase The value of the property must be enclosed in double quotes (""), and must have a value Each label must have a start and end, and have the correct level The

Three general naming of CSS naming normalization

Camel-style nomenclature: , as its name implies, refers to the combination of uppercase and lowercase letters to form variables and function names. For example, the following is the same function named after the camel-style and underline method:

PHP Password Generation class

PHP Password Generation class Function: 1. can set password length. 2. You can set the number of passwords to generate, batch generation. 3. Can specify the rules of the password, letters, numbers, special characters and so on. GeneratePassword.

How to set the password to be safe?

In addition to using the professional function of software to protect passwords, but also to develop a regular password change and ensure the complexity of passwords and other good habits. So what kind of password is safe? Not long ago, the forum

PHP Programming naming rules

Programming naming is the core of program planning. The ancients believed that as long as they knew a person's real name, they would gain incredible power over that person. Amount As long as you think of the right name, it will give you and later

AutoCorrect features in word2003

To use the AutoCorrect feature first you need to know how to turn on (or off) This feature and turn on the AutoCorrect feature by clicking the "Tools" menu bar-the AutoCorrect Options menu item, opening the AutoCorrect dialog box, and selecting the

Code for Web Design

Specification | design | Web page design   General This specification is not only a development specification, but also a scripting language reference, this specification is not a rigid must strictly abide by the provisions, under special

SQL language Classification and writing rules

1. Data Query Language (SELECT statement): for retrieving database data 2. Data manipulation language (manipulation Language,dml): Used to change database data, including insert,update and delete three statements 3. Transaction control Language

How to improve the existing website for XHTML+CSS

Css|xhtml Most of our designers are still using a traditional form layout, a mix of performance and structure to build a Web site. Learning how to use XHTML+CSS requires a process that allows existing sites to conform to site standards and is

The application of regular expression in Network programming (3)

Programming | network | Regular application Example With a more comprehensive understanding of regular expressions, you can use regular expressions in perl,php, as well as in programs such as ASP. The following is an example of the PHP language,

Example of the ZF Framework filter filter usage

  This article mainly introduces the ZF Framework filter filter Use example, the code has comments, the need for friends can refer to the following   Code as follows: Filter ($Temp); $Result 2 = $Filter 2-> filter ($TEMP); Echo $Result; echo

You may not know the 7 CSS units

If you are a front-end development engineer, General PX and EM use frequency is relatively high. But today the focus of this article is to introduce some of the units we use very little or even have heard. One, relive em TEST-01 (12px * 1.5 = 18px)

Oracle Single-line character function parsing

1, ASCII (C) Description: Returns the first character of C in the ASCII code corresponding to the decimal Example: Sql>select ASCII (' a ') a,ascii (' A ') b,ascii (' 0 ') c,ascii (') D from DUAL; A B C D -------------------- ---------- --------

Implementing object-oriented programming in PHP

Programming | objects This article describes object-oriented programming (OOP) in PHP. I'll show you how to use object-oriented concepts to make fewer code but better programs. Good luck to all of you. The concept of object-oriented programming has

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