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JQuery plug-ins for making Web spreadsheets: Jquery.sheet

Jquery.sheet is a jQuery plug-in for creating Web spreadsheets that is very similar to Microsoft Excel in its functional and interface style, making it easy for users to create applications that are unfamiliar to them. Jquery.sheet can implement

WEBJX collects 45 jquery navigation plug-ins and Tutorials

45 jquery navigation Plug-ins and tutorials. The initial 15~20 of a new user's visit to a website has a big impact on their preferences, prompting them to decide whether to stay or not. So it's important to develop an intuitive, easy-to-use,

Ajax Getting Started Guide (iii)

The Ajax starter Guide is believed to be helpful to Ajax beginners. The mainstream framework of Ajax:Browser-side framework:A Prototype Series:1.prototype:, Prototype is a good choice if you implement AJAX support in a Web

Ajax Getting Started Guide (ii)

Ajax starter Guide, which is believed to be helpful to Ajax beginners. JavaScript Object-oriented programming implementation:1. Declaration of class:function Test1 () {THIS.P1 = "P1";THIS.P2 = "P2";THIS.F1 = function () {alert ("F1");}THIS.F2 =

Introduction and difference of dynamic style language scss&less

A. What is Sass/scss&less? Sass (syntactically Awesome stylesheets) is a dynamic style language that has the same syntax as CSS (but has more features), is better written than CSS, and is easier to read. Sass syntax is similar to Haml, which is

Understanding Web page Tools Language XML (i) Generating background

web|xml| Page One, XML-generated background XML, like HTML, comes from standard generalized Markup Language, the standard universal Markup Language, or SGML. SGML existed long before the web was invented. SGML, as its name puts it, is a common

Implement an Ajax-based infinite-level menu

Ajax| Menu There are tutorials all over the place now, and I'm going to focus on a framework that I've been doing myself. Characteristics: Non-flash commit for form (a bit stupid) Supports the MVC framework, which supports traditional Web page

Organize the collection of XHTML+CSS tips for making Web pages

css|xhtml| Skills | Web page 1. Mouse move Up is a window to save the collection of the small box, can not limit its appearance? Add in Head 2. Galleryimg with new attributes on picture 3.div implement scroll bar (in some cases can replace IFRAME)

HTML5 Localstorage Local Storage

Localstorage Local Storage Basic usageHow to create and access Localstorage above. We will do a refresh page, increase the number of visits to the function! Very simply, the code is as follows: above is a point of operation, Localstorage also has

Using Iscroll to implement an infinite loop of focus graphs

Now everyone should have seen the focus of the results of the rotation, the effect of what I do not have screenshots. Practicing yesterday, the practice requirement is to use Iscroll to achieve infinite loop scrolling of the focus graph, and to stop

CSS3 using a custom font to implement small icons icon

Recently in doing a project, studied the front of Sina Weibo, see the first page of that icon, the previous view of this kind of effect of the first reaction is to use an icon such as GIF to make!! But in the course of the study, a little trick was

Learning the HTML5 series--Requestanimationframe

First, the opening analysis Hi, everyone! Big Bear June again and everyone meet, (*^__^*) Xi hee ..., this series of articles is mainly to learn HTML5 related knowledge points, to learn API knowledge points for the portal, the introduction of the

Resolve Flexbox Cross-browser Compliant bugs

As early as September 2013, when I tested my solved by Flexbox project, I found a bug in IE10 and IE11 that sticky footer actually didn't paste at the bottom of the page. I spent a lot of time to solve the problem, but I never succeeded. At first,

8 ways to improve Web API performance

The Web API is a great technique. Writing Web APIs is so easy that many developers do not spend time on application structure design for good performance. In this article, I'll introduce 8 techniques for improving the performance of the ASP.

Asp. NET seven authentication methods and solutions

In the B/s system development, often need to use "authentication". Because the Web application is very special, unlike traditional C/s programs, by default (no authentication method and authority control means), when your program is publicly

Unstoppable curiosity: 5 is how to implement Cross-platform through Xre

. NET programmers have their own happiness, too. NET Cross-platform is a kind of happiness. NET open source is also a kind of happiness, and more happy can be through open source. NET understand how. NET is moving toward cross-platform, so happiness

Custom Label tutorial for JSP

A label is an XML element that enables a JSP Web page to be concise and maintainable, and to easily implement the same JSP file to support multiple language versions. First, the basic concept: 1. Tags (tag): A label is an XML element that enables

objects, functions, and inheritance in JavaScript

1, the object in JavaScript. JavaScript can be said to be an object-based programming language, why it is object-based rather than object-oriented, because JavaScript itself only implements encapsulation, and does not implement inheritance and

Method of optimizing Oracle Database system

Oracle database is widely used in all fields of society, especially in Client/server mode, but application developers often encounter the problem that the performance of the whole system decreases significantly with the increase of data volume, in

HTTP uses RSA public key encryption algorithm to encrypt plaintext

The most reliable way for a Web site to encrypt data in case it is stolen is to encrypt it using a public key encryption algorithm, which is used throughout the transmission and can be implemented for HTTP sites that do not use HTTPS.   Function

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