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MySQL semi-synchronous replication based on SSL

MySQL master-slave replication scenario is very many, the default MySQL replication is based on asynchronous and plaintext transmission, that is, fast, but the data from the server will have a certain lag, clear text also means that the data

Parsing php php

This article is the PHP Php_openssl.dll of the role of a detailed analysis of the introduction, the need for friends under the reference I. OpenSSL INTRODUCTION Data encryption is an important part of information transmission. Any information is

HTTP uses RSA public key encryption algorithm to encrypt plaintext

The most reliable way for a Web site to encrypt data in case it is stolen is to encrypt it using a public key encryption algorithm, which is used throughout the transmission and can be implemented for HTTP sites that do not use HTTPS.   Function

LNMP environment to build a detailed

Physical environment: Operating system: CentOS 5.5 32-bit MySQL Database: mysql-5.1.58.tar.gz Nginx Package: nginx-0.7.65.tar.gz PHP software package: php-5.3.8.tar.gz 1 Installing the MySQL database TAR-ZXVF mysql-5.1.58.tar.gz CD mysql-5.1.5

Linux:openssl to implement HTTPS verification

There is no doubt that it is important to compile and install Apache to support OpenSSL, so that you can achieve HTTPS, and here we go one step at a time. Open source implementation of OPENSSL:SSL Libcrypto: A universal cryptographic library that

Steps to install QQ 2012 in Fedora 17

Environment: Fedora x86_64 QQ2012 First download QQ2012, address: Http:// Download save to/opt/directory and unzip Note: Must be placed in the OPT directory, or the last to extract to/opt/, so it is better to

An example of RSA asymmetric encryption algorithm using OpenSSL

  This article mainly introduces the use of OpenSSL to implement RSA asymmetric encryption algorithm example, we refer to the use of the bar Code as follows: need to be aware that Apache supports OpenSSL

Anti-Virus Anti-Spam system construction (IV.)

4. TLS support By modifying the/USR/LIB/SSL/MISC/CA.PLL script implementation, the following changes are compared between and unmodified***************59,69 * * * *} elsif (/^-newcert$/) {# Create a Certificate! System (

Nginx installation and simple stress test

Installing compilers and related tools [root@localhost softs]# yum install gcc gcc-c++ autoconf automake-y Module dependencies: Nginx Some of the modules require Third-party library support, gzip need Libzip library, rewrite need Pcre library, SSL

Analysis of Heartbleed fixed size buffer for cardiac bleeding

Heartbleed is an emergency security warning from OpenSSL: OpenSSL a "Heartbleed" security vulnerability. This loophole allows anyone to read the system's running memory, the name is called "Heart Bleeding", "Breakdown of the Heart" and so on. Why

How Apache builds HTTPS Virtual Host

1. Create an SSL certificate First you need to install the Openssl,linux system by default installed, if not installed with the following command: sudo apt-get install OpenSSL sudo apt-get install Libssl-dev To create a certificate:

Some instructions on the small CA system and DLL source code

Often some enthusiastic netizens ask me about the use of the small CA system, here is a brief explanation: 1, the label with USB is the Usbkey key itself to operate, and the small CA does not have any relationship, but originally this program is

Installing and configuring APACHE2.2.22 servers under Windows XP +PHP5+MYSQL5

With the popularity of PHP website, more and more domestic webmaster use PHP to develop the website or use related PHP open source website (for example: Dedecms, Phpwind, Kangsheng discuz!, WordPress, etc. some of the current popular open source

Using Nrpe external component to extend Nagios monitor remote host

1, Nrpe realize the principle of remote host monitoring Nrpe is a feature extension of Nagios that can execute plug-ins on remote Linux/unix hosts, providing some local information about the server to the Nagios monitoring platform by installing

Using OpenSSL to implement certificate operations

With the development of computer, computer security has been puzzling us, in the modern society of computer information security is particularly important, today's society is a information society, you and I use the computer every day, with e-mail,

PHP uses OpenSSL

  code as follows   /**    * Verify signature   &NBSP * tobeverified the redaction   to be verified,   * PlainText the plaintext   of the signature to be validated;   * CertFile signer's public key

The introduction of Web server under FreeBSD platform

In a FreeBSD system, a standard FreeBSD system must have at least one network interface to communicate with other computers. It supports token ring and FDDI, as well as wide area network connections such as common telephone dial-up connections, ISDN,

Linux-based Web server performance testing

The importance of Linux based Web server performance testing Linux, as a free open source operating system, is becoming more and more important to people. With the advent of a stable Linux 2.4 kernel release date and the introduction of the Intel

Linux builds HTTPS server

I. Installation and preparation 1. Install OpenSSL To enable Apache to support SSL, you need to first install OpenSSL support. This is openssl-0.9.8k.tar.gz. Download openssl: TAR-ZXF

How to install the MoD on Apache

Apache Author: sustomer How to manually sign a certificate Although the server was established using the Make Certificate command when Mod_ssl was installed Signature of the certificate, but sometimes you may need to change it. Of course there

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