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In-depth discussion of SQL Server 2000 support for XML

Server|xml [Author Introduction:]wayne, a new generation of programmers, 12-Year-old began to learn programming, 13-year-old with his own computer, has learned basic, Pascal, C, FOXPRO, VB, DELPHI, + +, SQL, learning the Java language, then become a

PHP Cookies Operation class

Cookies Operation class Function: 1. Save, read, update, and erase cookies data. 2. You can set a prefix. 3. Force timeout control. 4.cookies data can be strings, arrays, objects, and so on. Cookies.class.php _prefix = $prefix; }

A simple example code for JS two-dimensional array ordering


  This article is mainly on the JS two-dimensional array sorting Simple sample code is introduced, the need for friends can come to the reference, I hope to help you. As follows: code is as follows:

A Chinese part of speech written in PHP

Chinese A Chinese part of speech written in PHP Class Segmentation {var $options = array (' lowercase ' => TRUE,' Segment_english ' => FALSE);var $dict _name = ' Unknown ';var $dict _words = Array ();function Setlowercase ($value) {if ($value)

PHP implementation filters various HTML tags

In the process of doing the project, we often need to filter some HTML tags to improve the security of the data, in fact, is to remove those potentially harmful to the application of data. It is used to remove labels and to delete or encode unwanted

Generate Smarttemplate Template Handler framework

Program | template /** * Generate Smarttemplate Template handler framework * * The Smarttemplate template class is extremely efficient and has a small code size. * His extensible template function is unique. * * Although there are only a few methods,

A summary of the vulnerabilities in PHP website

Judging from the current network security, the most attention and contact with the most Web page vulnerability should be ASP, in this respect, small bamboo is an expert, I have no say. However, in PHP, there are also serious security issues, but

PHP can also do great things in PHP code decoding detailed

PHP can also do great things in PHP code decoding detailed This article mainly introduces PHP can also be able to do great things in PHP coding decoding, this article explains the ASCII codec, URL codec, BASE64 codec, HTML entity codec, binary,

GBK and UTF8 code processing in PHP

Coding I. Coding Range 1. GBK (gb2312/gb18030)\x00-\xff GBK Two-byte coding range\x20-\x7f ASCII\xa1-\xff Chinese\x80-\xff Chinese 2. UTF-8 (Unicode)\u4e00-\u9fa5 (Chinese)\x3130-\x318f (Korean\XAC00-\XD7A3 (Korean)\u0800-\u4e00 (Japanese)PS: Korean

Switch to a mobile phone development post (from the developer Club)

Code:-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- At present, the application of mobile phone messages more and more widely, the Internet to provide short message sent to the site is also more and more, but some

A PHP bidirectional encryption and decryption method

Based on the conversion of the systemMade by Huyang @2005-01-20| | 11-04-06# #用n进位制到m进位制# #0 ~9a-z, up to 36 in rangeprint ' encryption decryption method ';Class carry{function Carry ($n, $m){$this->n= $n;$this->m= $m;$this->chn[' 0

Analysis of the function of GD output Chinese characters (function code line reprint)

function | The Chinese character has long ago found a function that converts the GB code into UTF-8, with a GB to Unicode comparison table (gb2312.txt) for outputting Chinese characters in GD. It was later found that there was confusion in the

Python's way to get a set of Chinese pinyin first letters


This article illustrates how Python obtains a set of Chinese pinyin initials. Share to everyone for your reference. The implementation methods are as follows: ? 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26-27--28

Random function detailed

dom| Function | Details about the effect of flash, I think we all want to make that kind of "not only let a person see forget, and see also want to see" effect? "A look forget" is a master's work, "see also want to see" also need a deep foundation

Python character and character values (ASCII or Unicode code values) conversion methods

This article mainly introduces Python character and character value (ASCII or Unicode code value) conversion methods, that is, the string in the ASCII value or between Unicode values and conversion methods, the need for friends can refer to the

PHP+MYSQL website SQL injection attack and defense

Programmers write code with TDD (test-driven development): Before implementing a feature, you write a test case and then write the code to run it through. In fact, when the hacker SQL injection, the same is a TDD process: they will try to let the

The processing method of JS and PHP to URL encoding

  This article mainly introduces JS and PHP to URL encoding processing methods, the need for friends can refer to the following Solution: Use JS to the URL of the Chinese characters to escape code. Code as follows: =127) {$tmpString =bin2hex

Convert Simplified Chinese to Traditional Chinese PHP functions

function | chinese | Convert Thank you Netizen Keyes provide the Delphi source code of the transplant. The method is called $txt=gbtobig5 ($txt). (note: In source code include "data_gb.php"; This file is an array, in

Vb. NET Chinese tutorial (2) Composite style

Tutorials | Chinese 1. On the relationship between Whole-part Recall the traditional software division, often very focused on the writing program (procedure) to deal with some data (data), less concerned about the overall structure of the software

"The fastest in PHP programming" second, numbers, floating-point, Boolean, string and array

Numbers, floating-point, Boolean are value types, English: int, float, bool, so you know how they use it. such as sentence: $fa = 3.14; strings and arrays are reference types, that is, they are placed on the stack as addresses, and when the value

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