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jquery Tutorial: The use of the jquery core approach

Today we'll delve into the core of jquery. jquery Object access: Each (callback)//According to my understanding, each is a cyclic mechanism in jquery. Typically used with this keyword. Friends who have studied the program know that there are

Mobile front-end-picture compression upload Practice

Previous colleagues have talked to me about the mobile end with canvas compression pictures and then upload the function, recently had a bit of free time, so I practiced a bit. Demo effect links are posted at the bottom of the article. On the

Introduction to PHP arrays

Array base:     PHP, the subscript of an array can be an integer, or it can be a string     PHP, the element order of the array is not determined by the subscript, but by the order in which it is "joined", which determines the   definition:     $arr

PHP generates RSS Subscriptions

$news the array taken out of the database $host = $_server[' http_host ']; $xmls = ' "; foreach ($news as $keys => $values) {//foreach ($values as $key 1 => $value 1) {$xmls. = "" . $values ["title"]. " ";          $xmls. =" http://$host/news.php?

Ajax-based infinite-level menus

Ajax| Menu There are tutorials all over the place now, and I'm going to focus on a framework that I've been doing myself. Characteristics:Non-flash commit for form (a bit stupid)Supports the MVC framework, which supports traditional Web page

Data type of Ajax.NET

ajax| Data | data type This example is done according to the data type example of Ajax.NET's author, presumably meaning that many data types can be passed as parameters to the server-side Ajax.NET method, and the same data type can be returned from

Using JS standard syntax instead of JS Tool library jquery function

Article Introduction: How the site does not need jquery at all. JQuery is now the most popular JavaScript tool library. According to statistics, currently 57.3% of the world's web sites use it. In other words, 10 sites, 6 use jquery. If

JSTL traversal array:list<string> How to traverse with Jstl foreach

List how to traverse with Jstl foreach: Execution Item Name ** Please select ${aobj} No way. This article links

A discussion on the combination of polymorphism and Web services

Web|web Service This article reviews the concept of polymorphism and demonstrates XML Web services. The most important thing is that this article will teach you how to combine polymorphism with Web services.    First, IntroductionYou may know

Logging an action log using an XML file

Xml Logging an application's action log can use databases, text files, XML files, and so on. What I'm introducing here is using an XML file to record an action log. I think there are several benefits to using XML to log operations logs: 1. Do not

Basic articles for developing XML applications in PHP

xml| Program I. Introduction to XML XML (extensible Annotation language) is a standard of the web, which is mainly used for easy interaction, storage and use of data between web-based applications and servers. Data encoded using XML standard has the

Do video puzzles with canvas

A few days ago colleagues showed me a special effect, is a jigsaw puzzle, the difference is, the puzzle is animation. He let me see To do a demo, so he himself for a while, it is really not difficult. It's easy to do with canvas. So this blog post

The method of the two-dimensional array of PHP (which preserves the key values while removing duplicates)--the uniqueness of the two-D array

For the following two-dimensional array, it is required to be weighed: $arr = Array (' 0 ' =>array (' name ' => ' James ', ' Age ' =>30, ), ' 1 ' =>array (

10 Examples of PHP code that must be collected

One, blacklist filtration function Is_spam ($text, $file, $split = ': ', $regex = False) { $handle = fopen ($file, ' RB '); $contents = Fread ($handle, FileSize ($file)); Fclose ($handle); $lines = Explode ("n", $contents); $arr =

PHP simulate POST request send file

Because the project needs, the local server needs to receive data, and then forward the data to another server, so use an analog post request to send data, of course, the data also contains file flow. Curl is one of the more common ways of PHP, the

PHP Predefined interfaces

Introduction in PHP has several predefined interfaces, but also useful     iteratoraggregate (aggregated aggregate iterator iterator) Iteratoraggregate extends traversable {Abstract public traversable getiterator (void)} This interface implements a

PHP implementation of infinite Polar classification

Use two for loops to implement an infinite class classification Table: Field name field Type Notes Default Value Id Int Primary KEY Auto-increment Name varchar Category

Some knowledge points of PHP class

1. Definition of class items[$artnr += $num; } } You cannot define a class separately in multiple files, nor can you divide the class definition into multiple PHP blocks (within which the function can be divided).You cannot define a

PHP socket processing does not come over the data stream, how to avoid (as if it is blocked)

PHP socket processing does not come over the data flow, how to deal with (as if it is blocked) Requirements: PHP accepts a hardware to send data to 8888 port, if received, should socket_send function return

Mobile App Interface Programming Technology-learning to realize the PHP advanced array

Array creation, initializing '老大','2'=>'老三','1'=>'老二'); if( isset($arr3) ) {print_r($arr3);} ?>Using the value of an array Print data for a group //直接通过index访问 ';

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