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Prototype of the new jquery internationalization plug-in

Web page Production WEBJX article introduction: the newly released jquery internationalization plugin. The jquery internationalization plug-in allows you to easily handle digital, currency, and date formats between different cultures in

jquery Team releases jquery 1.4

jquery 1.4 has already released two alpha versions and an RC version, and it is believed that the students who are interested in jquery already know something. In order to release 1.4, the jquery team specifically launched a jquery 1.4 website that

jquery Tutorial: 14 Practical jquery Tips

jQuery is so popular and is widely used by almost everyone from big companies to personal blogs because it's easy to get started and used, and it gives us pretty good features that some people don't know about. I think most users of jquery are more

HTML 5 Web SQL Core Trident

The "51CTO translation" Web SQL database API, which is not actually contained in the HTML 5 specification, is a stand-alone specification that introduces a set of APIs that use SQL to manipulate the client database. Assuming you're a good web

HTML 5 caching mechanism: Cache manifest Configuration Instance

Cache manifest is a caching mechanism for HTML 5, the author of the article directly with the blog when the test environment, although the application is very simple, but the effect is surprisingly good. The speed after the cache is simply amazing

IE9 CSS3 A variety of new features

Inadvertently see the powerful features of CSS3, more interested in sharing the next first ... Oh First you have to install IE9,,,, If you haven't installed IE9 Beata, come here and try ...

DIV+CSS Design-time Browser compatibility issues

In this kind of browser display normal, in another kind of chaos, we are writing CSS will be very annoyed, just fixed the browser problem, the result of another browser but a new problem. What is browser compatibility: When we use a different

Talking about some magical usages of inline-block

  Preface   Inline-block, we usually use a lot of the most common use is a few div in a row, we use Display:inline-block. The reason for writing this article today is to write a few of the more peculiar usages of inline-block.   Implement div

CSS common skills and experience summary two

  How to fill an element with an entire page? Method:   html,body{height:100%;margin:0;} #test {height:100%} How do I get an element to be 10 pixels from the bottom right 4 sides of the window? Methods:   html,body{height:100%;margin:0;}

Use one line of code to resolve various IE compatibility issues with CSS

Use a line of code to resolve the various compatibility issues in CSS, Ie6,ie7,ie8,ie9,ie10. In the process of writing the code in front of the website, many times the compatibility problem of IE versions is difficult to complete. Now Baidu and

Solve the problem of transparent picture without support png24 under IE6

There are two common solutions: First: Use IE filter to solve Key code: CSS Code _background:none; (src= " Css/css/images/png24.png ", sizingmethod=" crop "); There

Background translucent processing under IE (filter)

Now do the site home page, navigation bar, such as the use of translucent effect, debugging when I used the Chrome browser, before having considered the compatibility of IE, but intended that the full layout of the page after the completion of a one-

Web standards: Document types and Web browsers

Original: Http:// Author: Aaron Gustafson . Com Translator: Zhaozy in Com Reprint please indicate the author and translator information, thank you! Progress always comes at a price. For Web

Whether the future of Web standards depends on browser technology

Original: . Com Author: Eric Meyer Web Teaching Network When I read Aaron Gustafson's beyond Doctype:web standards, Forward compatibility, and IE8, my first reaction was to profoundly

The common function method and simple application of JS regular expression

ObjectiveThe regular expression is the focus and difficulty of the front-end learning. I am in a previous article to carry again JS the regular expression, to lead us to warm up the regular expression. This article mainly leads us to apply some

Ajax synchronization of JavaScript

A XMLHttpRequest The core of Ajax technology is the XMLHttpRequest object (referred to as XHR), a feature introduced by Microsoft in the first place, which later provided the same implementation by other browser providers. Prior to the advent of XHR,

jquery Callback Object

jquery provides developers with external interface calls, but $. The callbacks () module is developed to give internal $.ajax () and $. The Deferred () module provides a unified basic functional component. It can be used as a function of a new

jquery Gets the name and version information of the browser

In jquery, the $.browser object allows you to get the name and version information of the browser, such as $ true, which means that the current Chrome browser, $. Browser.mozilla is true to indicate that it is currently a Firefox

Home-made Web front-end framework recommended –nec (NetEase)

Nec NEC: A better CSS solution. The NEC framework is a very good CSS framework that includes specifications, frameworks, code libraries, and more.NEC Official website: Specification Do you often encounter the following

How to generate XML data

  one must find out what is needed in the end Through ASP or other dynamic programming languages, we ultimately need XML-formatted data, which has nothing to do with the file carrier of the XML data, it can be a real XML file, such as: Http://www.dw8

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