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HTML 5 Web SQL Core Trident

The "51CTO translation" Web SQL database API, which is not actually contained in the HTML 5 specification, is a stand-alone specification that introduces a set of APIs that use SQL to manipulate the client database. Assuming you're a good web

Easy Learning Handbook (3) XML terminology

Chapter III Terms of XML Introduction The most troubling thing about learning XML is that there is a whole bunch of new terminology concepts to understand. Since XML itself is a new technology, is evolving and changing, organizations and major

Pure HTML Tag Detailed

HTML tags are many, but in fact the commonly used is so more than 10 20, a lot of the function of the label gradually ignored by everyone. Then, if in the appropriate time, with a use, or in a certain program to our page design to bring a little

ASP Call MySQL 5.1 Chinese garbled

There is a small program with a MySQL database, in the Chinese garbled this piece made the day more confused, the result was put down. These two days there is a dream in research, the results are also made right, hehe. Previous steps after

The experience of the maintenance work summary of MySQL database production environment

From the previous MySQL database production environment maintenance work, summary of some of the small experience and knowledge, may not be more esoteric, but for us to eliminate hidden dangers, to ensure that the MySQL database production

DB2 file Import Export Common commands Summary

DB2 data migration, the most commonly used is to import the export function, and the import and export of the command seemingly simple, but actually contains mystery, the ever-changing, slightly inattentive, the error is full, here on the work of

jquery Tutorial Examples and demo 2

Tutorials | sample |jquery DOM OperationsPropertyWe take As an example, in the original JavaScript can use Var O=document.getelementbyid (' a ') to take the ID of a node object, When you use O.SRC to get or modify the SCR properties of the node, in

A brief analysis of Ajax development Technology in Rails system (2)

Ajax|rails v. Use of link_to_remoteRails has several helper methods to implement Ajax in the template for your view. One of the simplest and most common methods is link_to_remote (). Let's examine a simple Web page-it implements the query time and

Prototype.js Common functions and usage

The name of the function Explain Example Element.toggle Alternately hide or show Element.toggle (' Div1 ', ' div2 ') Element.hide Hide Element.hide (' Div1 ', ' div2 ')

CuteEditor5.0 installation and its with no refresh operation database!

ajax| Data | database | refresh | No refresh Cuteeditor really is a good web online editor, but the 5.0 installation and the previous version is a little different, 5.0 of the cracked version of the download address is: Http://,

Ajax Rush: Develop 99 favorites Experience (ii) mouse drag

Ajax this question I must mention personal: Plum blossom snow!!!!! There is a saying, "Nothing, as long as the conscientious", I want to say is: "JS no difficult, as long as the plum blossom." To achieve the same function as IE favorites, you will

Use Os3grid to make a web-based and Ajax payroll entry interface

Ajax|web 1 First make some minor modifications to Os3grid: Add the following code function strlen (str){var Len;var i;len = 0;for (i=0;i{if (Str.charcodeat (i) >255) len+=2; else len++;}return Len;} Then modify the following

ASP Simple AJAX Message board (with three-layer mode)

Ajax For a long time did not write ASP, this time to write a message board really feel a little difficult, the competition has written a whole day, haha.There is nothing else to write, the use of three-layer structure (do not know, the original

DHTML operations to implement dynamic changes in Web page content

Dhtml|web| News | page IE's DHTML object provides four read-write properties to dynamically manipulate the content of page elements: innertext, Outertext, InnerHTML, outerhtml. Note two points: 1. The value of the Innertext,outertext property is

Website Optimization Tutorial: website topic page Optimization Standard process

Article Introduction: Topic page content is a site inside a micro-site, the whole site about a certain aspect of the content of the page to gather the user's reading. So the topic page content richness is very high, ranking also easier to do up.

e-Mail design: Create an HTML email template from zero

Article Introduction: build an HTML email template from scratch. Demodownload The best way to understand this is to start your own process from scratch. Today, all we have to do is use email design to build an HTML email template from

CSS Web Design tips: Background image positioning

Article Introduction: third, the background image positioning determinants: A. Set the size (width and height) of the background picture container B. First you define a background picture (Background-image) C. Second is whether the background

JavaScript implementation Twoqueues Caching model

This article refers to the Twoqueues caching model, which is to say that data is cached in memory. In any language, you might want to put some data in memory, avoiding duplication and reading. The most common scenario is the jquery selector, where

Web Design Master Advanced: The use of words in web

Design | Web page design Nowadays, the internet is getting closer to our lives, and surfing the internet is becoming an indispensable part of our life. The network world is colorful, has sprung up a lot of excellent exquisite webpage. A large number

FRONTPAGE2002 Techniques for Efficient Use

frontpage| Tips Database Interface Fool In the past, trying to use a database in a Web page often required a troublesome database connection setting, which would be exposed to cumbersome ASP, CGI, and so on. Now it's much easier to connect to the

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