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A simple way for PHP to export Excel without using Plug-ins

  This article mainly introduces a simple way for PHP to export Excel without using Plug-ins, first get an array of the data that needs to be exported, and the format of the array is below. Then you define the file name and the style of Excel you

PHP written SMS interface (full network support)

Applicable industries: Finance, industry and commerce, taxation, electricity, trade, commerce, tourism, government, postal services, education and other industriesApplicable type: Hook up a variety of B/s system, as a variety of office systems, ERP,

To protect a Web page with session

In many cases, we have to secure some Web pages. A typical example is the security of the foreground browsing page and the Background admin page. This is also one of the most used page security modes on the WEB. I also encountered this security

A similar urlencode coding function and corresponding decoding function implemented in ASP

encode| Code | function ' Coding.inc.asp' All Rights Reserved, Room3rd@hotmail.com Function Encode (Str)  dim Count, Pos, Ch, Code  dim sweetch     Characters in Sweetch that do not need to be encoded  sweetch = "abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz01234

Establish site navigation hierarchy in asp.net 2.0

Asp.net| site The site navigation provider in the site navigation provider--asp.net 2.0 exposes navigation information for pages in the application, allowing you to define the structure of the site individually, regardless of the actual physical

How much time does the program stay on an ASP page

How much time does the program stay on an ASP page ASP Source Code: ----------------------------------------------------------------------You are haven ' t clicked on the link below yet.You are spent Seconds looking at the previous page." >how long

Java servlet/jsp Multi-language solution (i)

Js|servlet| Solution for Java servlet/jsp Multi-language solution Because it has never been believed that Java should be able to mix the display of multiple language bugs, this weekend studied the servlet, The multi-language JSP display problem,

How to convert a UrlEncode string into a normal string function using regular expressions

encode| Function | regular | conversion | string Use examples: Response.Write Server.URLEncode ("Hello world!") & "" Response.Write UrlDecode (Server.URLEncode ("Hello world!")) %> Run output results: Hello+world%21 Hello world! Disadvantage:

The ASP program realizes the paging function of saving parameter value

The following are the referenced contents:"Call Example' Dim Int_rpp,int_start,int_shownumberlink_,str_nonlinkcolor_,tof_,top10_,top1_,ton1_,ton10_,tol_,showmorepagego _type_,cpageno' int_rpp=2 ' Sets the number of display per pageNumber of '

A scenario that passes a variable from the first page to a third page under certain conditions

Variables | conditions | Page Hello, I'm Jackie Chan, nice to meet you again. Last time in Chinaasp's forum, a friend asked how to transfer several variables from the first page to the third page (the second page provided only the steering

asp.net (C #) export data to Word or Excel

The easiest way to do this is to export everything on the page. Called during load, note that there are no other controls in the page, including buttons void Converttoexcel () { Response.Clear (); Response.Buffer = true; Response.Charset = "GB2

The gentle killer-Cross station ASP script attack

Author: BIBI Whenever we think of hackers, hackers tend to be such a portrait: A lonely person, sneaking into someone else's server to sabotage or steal other people's secret information. Perhaps he will change our homepage, who will steal the

PHP Custom Urlencode,urldecode Function instance

This article mainly introduces the PHP custom Urlencode,urldecode function, the example analyzes the PHP string transcoding technique, has certain reference value, needs the friend to be possible to refer to under This example describes the PHP

ASP tips: Server.URLEncode to the character decompile

encode|server| Compilation | Tips Here we try to output a paragraph of characters: , the page displays the result as: %d6%af%c3%ce%bb%c3%d3%b0, the compilation was successful. What if you decompile it again? ' This function is transferred from the

Asp. NET nine choices for maintaining user status (first)

asp.net summary: asp.net provides a number of different ways to maintain data between user requests. You can use application objects, cookies, hidden fields, sessions, or cache objects, as well as their large number of methods. It is sometimes

The ability to implement pinyin and UrlEncode in JS (using GB and Unicode tables)

encode|js| Pinyin Often written in VB Urlencoding is easy to achieve urlencode, as well as the usehttp://www.csdn.net/Develop/read_article.asp?id=13846The code in can easily be rewritten as a VBS to achieve the pinyin of some Chinese characters But

Introduction to PHP's Curl Library features: Crawl pages, post data, and more

Using PHP's Curl library can be a simple and effective way to capture web pages. All you have to do is run a script and then analyze the pages you crawl, and then you can get the data you want in a program. Whether you want to take part of the data

ASP Coding Optimization Skills 8 (Turn)

Coding | tips | optimizing ASP (Active Server Page) is a Microsoft based PWS (Personal Web server) &iis (Internet Information Server) platform The Dynamic Web page development technology based on ISAPI (INTERNETSERVICEAPI) principle is becoming

Python Urllib, URLLIB2, httplib crawl page code instances

This article mainly introduces Python urllib, URLLIB2, httplib Crawl page code example, this article directly gives the demo code, code contains detailed comments, the need for friends can refer to the Using URLLIB2, it's too powerful. Try to use

Do not cache pages in ASP

Cache | page | cache Update 1/8/2004 At the top of the page: PSTR = "Private, No-cache, Must-revalidate" Response.ExpiresAbsolute = #2000 -01-01# Response.AddHeader "Pragma", "No-cache" Response.AddHeader "Cache-control", pstr %> ------------------

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