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Upgrade with Mysql_upgrade upgrade Authorization form

1.7.1 upgrade with Mysql_upgrade upgrade Authorization form (1)This upgrade method is more convenient, through the Mysql_upgrade command can be completed. Here's a demonstration of the entire upgrade process.1) Modify the MY.CNF configuration file

[MySQL O & M] upgrade MySQL5.1 to MySQ5.5

In the past, most of the company's projects were on version 5.5, and there was just a project (free trading platform) with a small amount of data. A single server ran stably online and rarely took over, to unify the version, I plan to upgrade it to

11 gSPA (sqlPerformanceAnalyze) for upgrade Test

SQLPerformanceAnalyze is now widely used in Upgrade and migration scenarios. Of course, there are other scenarios that can be considered for use, such as (parameter modification, IO subsystem change), but mainly to help us detect the SQL statements

Analysis of countermeasures against various types of malicious web pages-Chapter 7 on using the registry

Analysis of countermeasures against various types of malicious web pages-Chapter 7 on using the registry Internet vulnerabilities such as Internet Explorer allow you to browse the Web page to make your computer look beyond the control of your

PHP 7 Installation experience, upgrade PHP to be cautious

First, the performance of PHP 7 several key pointsPHP 7 compared to the previous version of PHP can say that the performance has a qualitative leap, but the so-called "good Horse with good saddle, good car with sail", want to play PHP 7 performance

Redhat linux6.5 Upgrade openssh and linux6.5openssh

Redhat linux6.5 Upgrade openssh and linux6.5openssh 1. download the latest openssh package Http://www.openssh.com/portable.html#http   2. Before upgrading openssh, you must first Enable telnet on the server and log on to the server through telnet,

Safety test ===sqlmap (0) reprint

This article transferred from: https://blog.werner.wiki/sqlmap-study-notes-0/Thank the author of the collation, if there is infringement, the legislative deletion0. PrefaceThis article is the note I made when I learned how to use sqlmap, documenting

Oracle one-time production sub-Library, upgrade, migration

Today, we completed a library operation with a high-load central database and implemented a rolling upgrade of Oracle (> with a business interruption of just 15 minutes. Platform: RHEL as 4 + Oracle Purpose:1)

Oracle upgrades from 10g to 11g detailed steps ____oracle

Oracle upgrades from 10g to 11g detailed stepsold Database version: new version: Version: Solaris 10Reference Documentation:Complete Checklist for Manual upgrades to 11GR2 [ID 837570.1]Part I-Installing 11GR2 softwareHere

Microsoft Security Bulletin 979352 Summary-ie 0-day vulnerability risk assessment

This blog post summarizes "Microsoft Security Bulletin 979352-ie 0-day vulnerability risk assessment. For more information or materials, see the bottom-most references in this blog. In the next few days, I will spend some time writing an article

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