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A random naming program that uses JavaScript

  This article mainly introduces the use of JavaScript to do a random naming process, tested, the effect is quite good, need friends can refer to the following Code as follows:

Using Iscroll to implement an infinite loop of focus graphs

Now everyone should have seen the focus of the results of the rotation, the effect of what I do not have screenshots. Practicing yesterday, the practice requirement is to use Iscroll to achieve infinite loop scrolling of the focus graph, and to stop

The simple application of the painting method of Flash as film

Flash MX also enhances its drawing capabilities, and it is now convenient to use the painting methods in the As movie object to let Flash draw graphics from the program. In this paper, I will give you a few examples to explain how to use painting

The lower right corner of the page pop-up prompt box sample code JS version

Bottom right corner pop-up prompt box presumably we will not be unfamiliar with it, this article simple for everyone to achieve a, specific code as follows, the need for friends can refer to the Copy CodeThe code is as follows: String path = Request.

Easy to create a simple lottery system with JavaScript

Javascript Author: JeggAt the end of the year, many companies are busy with the annual meeting, there will be some lottery activities, the following program is written in JavaScript with a simple lottery system to share with you. This code borrows

JavaScript Timer detailed

In JAVASCRITP, there are two specialized functions for timers, which are: 1. Inverted timer: Timename=settimeout ("function ();", delaytime); 2. Cycle Timer: Timename=setinterval ("function ();", delaytime); function () is the event of the timer

Make the lottery system easy with JavaScript

At the end of the year, many companies are busy with the annual meeting, there will be some lottery activities, the following program is written in JavaScript with a simple lottery system to share with you. This code borrows some of the online

Display script class for floating ads (Vbs,js dual version)

js| Ads | scripts | show that when you write a project, you need to use the advertising module, in order to avoid using ASP to generate scripting code is more cumbersome, so the idea of writing script class, that is, using a class of script code to

Flash makes the title load loading method

To be an excellent loading is to measure a flasher level, even an attitude, because loading is the only one you will not look at and all the users, customers will see, so you pay more attention to loading, you can even contrast this flasher

Use JavaScript and CSS to make floating menu

Css|javascript| Floating With the rapid development of the Internet, more and more people have personal homepage, but the static HTML language of the past can not meet people's requirements. The advent of JavaScript and

JS implementation of the picture scrolling code

JS picture Scrolling code: Untitled Document Left Right Above two a label is to control the direction of picture scrolling The key is the Div ul Li structure div inside is the ul person after is Li inside is the picture img tag Let

JS Timer: JS control picture Timing Switch Unlimited number

Untitled Document 11 22 33 44 55 66 77 88 99 This article links

How to solve the problem that setinterval timer is not allowed

In JS, if you intend to use setinterval for reciprocal, timing and other functions, often inaccurate, because the setinterval callback function is not immediately after the execution, But wait until the system calculates the resource is idle to

Parsing page loading and the implementation of JS function

  This article mainly introduces the page loading and the implementation of JS function onload or ready need friends can come to the reference, I hope to help you. First, page load order: Parse HTML structure. Loads external scripts and style

Compatibility of Web pages: Solution JS compatible IE not compatible with other browsers

Article Introduction: troubleshoot JavaScript not compatible with other browser problems except IE. Today, the boss asked me to deal with a Web site compatibility issues, the general compatibility problem is compatible with other

Flash as 3.0 Novice Learning to fly Tutorial: Three ways to perform the interval cycle

Learn AS3 rookie take off.-Interval cycle If you want the animation to be independent of the frame rate, you can use 3 methods. 1, Setlnterval () function The function of the Setlnterval () function is to call functions at a certain time The

JavaScript Timer Event Usage detailed

  By using JavaScript, you can execute code after a set interval, rather than executing it immediately after the function is called. As we call it the timing event, the following is a detailed explanation of the JavaScript timer event It is easy to

A specific analysis of the random motion of MC with AS

Random Let the MC do random move, it is conceivable that frame animation is impossible to achieve, which requires us to do with AS.In general, there are 2 ways to let the MC do random movement with as: The 1th kind: 1. You can first randomly

Continuous loop scroll up code

            seamless upward scrolling, compatible with IE and ff   computer hardware and software application network   Web site:         focus on computer learning         

The difference between settimeout and setinterval

Difference The Window object has two main timing methods, settimeout and Setinteval, whose syntax is essentially the same, but the completed functionality differs. The SetTimeout method is the timer program, which is what to do after the time. Just

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