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What is a question and answer system with success factors

The recent two-year question and answer system has become more and more frequent in everyone's view, this and the previous forum mode, Wiki mode, there are some differences, this system in the solution to the popularity of the problem at the same

6 ways to quickly increase the site's external chain

Recently I built a small station, in A5 such a place for a long time also know that the chain is very important to the site, so the site everywhere to find a rapid increase in the chain of methods. Toss for more than one months, the chain does

New technology, new ideas and the development of commercial applications--also talk about Ajax and NUnit

Ajax Recently more busy, initially developed a C/S model of the system to upgrade, more painful and out of a lot of problems, fortunately the system with the other two subsystems a smooth release, after a few days of adjustment can finally put their

Ajax Publishing Read comments

Ajax [Copy this Code] CODE:-----------------------------Jack's note ajaxjs.js-----------------------------Here is a window to display a waitdocument.write (' data is being read, please wait for ... ')Showloading controls the display and hiding of

Web standards, where are we going?

Web|web Standard Original Author: Veerle Original source: Translator Note: This article is "You should pay attention to the real reason of web standards" after the article published Veerle wrote a sentiment article, the author

Introduction to Div+css Layout (vi)--about IDs and class

css| Tutorials | Getting started This is the first day of the last half month, around 20:00 to work, thinking about this tutorial has not been completed, the feeling is very not practical. Just resigned two months ago, would like to complete the

Cascading style sheet compatibility in Internet Explorer 7

Style sheet Brief IntroductionInternet Explorer 7 contains a number of improvements on cascading style sheet (CSS) parsing and rendering. These improvements are meant to improve Internet Explorer's ability to interpret cascading style sheets to meet

Web standards, where are we going? Some ideas ...

Web|web Standard Original Author: Veerle Original Original publication date: June 14, 2004 Translator Note: This article is "you should pay attention to the real reason of web standards" after the article

WebKit optimized web site in IE10 compatible optimal solution

Article Introduction: This guide covers the most common adaptation scenarios that you can use to optimize your site for WebKit in IE10 and other compatible standard browsers. If you have other tips that are not covered in this article, please share

Compile tool Codekit: Compile the sass into a good CSS

Article Introduction: the use of the Sass Interface compiler tool--codekit. In theSass compilation andnodejs+grunt configuration Sass Project Automatic compilation tutorial, we detail the translation tasks that use sass and the grunt

Graphical interface compiler tool Koala to compile sass files into CSS files

Article Introduction: This article mainly through the creation of a SASS project as an example, to lead you to use koala such a graphical interface compiler tool to your SASS project, sass file compiled into a CSS file. The "codekit"

CSS3 and HTML5 Web design: Response-style web page graphic design

Article Introduction: HTML5 with CSS response-style pictures. With the gradual popularization of the Retina screen , the adaptation of the pictures in the Web page is becoming more and more demanding. How to let the picture in

CSS page Making tutorial: When the mouse points to the Div area to enlarge

Article Introduction: The mouse points to the Div area to enlarge. Css 1 #box{ width:200px; height:200px; position:absolute;top:50%;left:50%; margin-left:-100px; margin-top:-100px;

Using JS to realize simple waterfall flow effect

Haha, I am here again, in this period of time, I have a simple study of JavaScript (JS), although not very understand, but I also simply try to do a little things, such as the current popular waterfall flow effect, after my efforts finally

JavaScript operator collation

Speaking of operators, basically all kinds of programming languages will be involved, the use of similar methods. Here's a simple collation of JavaScript here today. In general, operators are still relatively much more, can be divided into the

Jquery implementation layer drag, support callback function

Recently in writing a CMS Content management system, the front desk is basically using AJAX asynchronous request server, through ASHX processing, return JSON format processing. Because of the need for a more user-friendly interface, so the use of

Javascript:javascript Style Wizard (end)

Order Go on to the top two, this is the end of the article. Blocks ? There is the code of {}, we wrap the line processing. Bad if (test) return false; Good if (test) return false; Good if (test) { return false; } Bad function () {return false;} Good

jquery Plugin: 2012 Best jquery Plugin

Article Introduction: the long-awaited 2012 best jquery plugin was unveiled. Recently, the famous foreign blog Wdl released the 2012 best JQuery plug-ins. Since its release in 2006, JQuery has been the most popular and widely used

RSS 2.0 specification [translate]

rss| specification Original address: Http:// is RSS? RSS is a syndication format for Web content sydication format. Its name is the abbreviation of Really Simple syndication. RSS is one of the XML. All RSS

WML Learning (v): displaying the form

Show Show FormHTML-like , can be used to include a set of form options, but not necessarily. As I said before, when the ordered is set to false, the phone can display a summary card to summarize the effective options to facilitate the user to

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