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The difference between include and require in PHP

The main focus is on red tagged statements. The include (or require) statement takes all Text/code/markup this exists in the specified file and copies it into the File that uses the include statement. Including the files are very useful when you

PHP Tutorial Example: A program to generate Word documents with PHP scripts

PHP generates the code for the Word document, which is a simple PHP code to produce the quiz paper Initializing sessionSession_Start ();Contains database connection files and header files?> Test paper Generation ?Include (' head.php ');Require ('

PHP Tutorial: How to Achieve 301 redirects

What is a 301 redirect? 301 redirect is when your site address changes, such as changing the domain name, website revision, etc., you want visitors or search engines to jump to a new address to visit the site, then you need to do 301 redirect. There

To configure the EditPlus debugging PHP Program Starter Tutorial

Before I introduced the PHP development tool Zend Studio7 Tutorial, Zend Studio use is actually very memory-intensive, for PHP beginners, today and you share how to configure EditPlus to debug PHP programs, EditPlus configured to do PHP Web site

Introduction to PHP Tutorial:? (question mark) and: (colon)

For example: 1 $shenhe = $val [' Available ']? Audited ": Not audited" Often have just contacted a friend of Php asked me, PHP often see such as the code on the statement, question mark and colon what meaning, this

How to use the Phpize PHP tutorial

 phpize is used to extend the PHP extension module, through the phpize can build PHP plug-in module, the following describes a method of his use, the need for friends can refer to the following When installing (fastcgi mode), there is often such a

PHP Tutorial: strtotime function usage

Strtotime can parse the date-time description of any English text into a Unix timestamp, we use the mktime () or date () format date time to get the specified timestamp to achieve the required DateTime. implementation function : Gets the timestamp

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PHP file read and write operation of file writing tutorial

In the development of PHP website, there are usually two ways to store data, a text file storage, such as TXT file, a database storage, such as MySQL, compared to database storage, file storage does not have any advantages, but the file read and

PHP using the GD library implementation download all the pictures in the Web page

This article mainly introduces the use of the GD library in PHP to download all the pictures in the Web page, this article directly gives the implementation code, the need for friends can refer to the In the previous PHP tutorial on the PHP GD

Jpgraph Chinese manual jpgraph Color Control Instruction Tutorial

Continue to translate the Jpgraph help document in the form of a Chinese PHP tutorial, today is about how to control the color of the chart when using Jpgraph, mainly involving the description of several colors in the Jpgraph class library; color

PHP single-threaded Implementation of parallel crawl Web page

This PHP tutorial will simulate the process of crawling multiple page information in parallel, and the key lies in the parallel processing of single thread. Under normal circumstances, we write to crawl multiple page information program are adopted

PHP Tutorial: Variable life cycle in PHP programming

There are two types of data sources in PHP: 1. From the Code For variables in the code (that is, the direct amount), the variable assignment/assignment is active in the executor at compile time, and is destroyed during the request

Novice: What is PHP? Why do you choose PHP for Web development?

PHP Tutorial PHP Beginner's Tutorial What is PHP why choose PHP   One, what is PHP? The concept and introduction of PHP PHP is a server-side scripting language that is easy to learn and use. With minimal programming knowledge you can use PHP to

Several ways to prevent page caching

Today in the development of a method, that is, customer requirements page does not cache, check out the following several ways not to let the page cache HtmlJust add it to the head. ASP Tutorial Practices Response.Buffer =

PHP Excel reader2.21 Export Excel Chinese garbled solution explanation

Before my PHP tutorial blog friends and relatives asked to use PHP Excel reader2.21 export Excel when the Chinese appear garbled how to solve, now I explain the next PHP Excel reader export Excel Chinese garbled solution, I hope to use PHP Excel

PHP Tutorial: Php crawl content of HTTPS

Direct use of file_get_contents, will be an error; Program code $url = ( ");File_get_contents ($url); Error:Program code warning:file_get_contents ( [function.file-get-contents]: failed to open stream:no such file or

A PHP instance of a class that generates random strings and validation codes

  This article mainly describes the generation of random strings and Verification code class PHP instance, the need for friends can refer to the There are a lot of PHP random numbers and code codes with the article, the real application of the few.

PHP Tutorial: PHP calls the FCKeditor function

PHP code /** SHOWFCK () editor calls function* @name name (MUST)* @val Value Default value* @toolbarset FCK Toolbar name* @width Width* @height Height*/function Showfck ($name, $val = ', $toolbarset = ', $width = ' 100% ', $height = ' 200 ')

PHP Connects Access database code

PHP Tutorial connecting Access database Tutorial code Here are three kinds of PHP connection Access database methods, one is to use PHP's PDO, one is the Odbc,com interface to connect with the Access database Oh. */ Connecting to an Access

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