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Using IIS to erect an FTP server novice tutorial and precautions

Teach you step-by-step use of IIS to build a powerful FTP server to support multi-user landing and management. Using IIS to erect an FTP server1. Install FTP serverStep: Start--Control Panel--Add or Remove Programs--Add/Remove Windows

Creating a File Server

This series is written today (1,2), I intend to do a complete series, from the company basically can use the things are written, what changes in the 2008r2, can bring you what kind of ease of access and management convenience. There are also high

Steps for setting up an FTP server under Windows XP system

Now that the family should be a universal broadband Internet connection, do we consider using existing resources to do something for ourselves when we fully enjoy the thrill of speed surfing? Yes, today the purpose of this article is to take you to

IIS verbose error codes and explanations

When a user attempts to access content on a server that is running Internet information Services (IIS) through HTTP or File Transfer Protocol (FTP), IIS returns a numeric code that represents the state of the request. The status code is recorded in

Configuration of firewall firewall under Linux

Recently in the study of Linux firewall configuration, found that the firewall after the deployment of a problem, has been unable to filezilla and CuteFTP login, in the list of directories will always fail. But under the command line, if you first

Personal server Setup is actually very simple

When you plan to build a personal server, you should consider some relevant factors: the service to be provided on the server, the hardware configuration recommended by the relevant service software, including the speed of the manager, the size of

HTML Beginner's Guide (7)

Beginner URLsThe World Wide Web uses standard resource positioning uniform Resource Locators (URLs) to indicate files in other servers. A URL includes the type of access to the resource (for example, Web, Gopher, WAIS), the address of the

Learn the basics of Web page creation Tutorial (6) Connection label

Tutorials | Getting Started | Web page Related articles:   Learn the basics of Web Authoring Tutorial (1) Web authoring   Learn the basics of Web making (2) typography labels   Learn the basics of Web page creation tutorial (3) Font label   Learn

Web page production strategy, web-making learning

Introduction | Web page   Idea ArticleBefore you start to do the homepage, you must have a complete idea of your future homepage, avoid doing whatever you want to do. In that case, either half of it is unsustainable, halfway, or the home page is

The common steps and methods of creating interactive Web site systems

Create Now we want to do a Web site, only the static page design of the situation is very small, or is designed like ebay, Taobao, such as the web shop page, or blog page. To create a complete website, everyone will apply a set of ASP, PHP Web site

Beginners quickly read HTML language

HTML language is the basis of Web page production, is a beginner must learn content. Although there are many WYSIWYG web making tools now, it is still necessary to understand some of the HTML syntax. In this way, you can more accurately control the

HTML tutorials-links between files

Tutorials | links in hypertext are one of their most important features, and users can jump directly from one page to another page, image, or server. The basic format for a link is as follows:        link text • Label Indicates the beginning of a

Ten basic principles of preventing ASP Trojans

As the ASP itself is a service provided by the server, especially recently by Dvbbs Upfile file, its high concealment and difficult to kill, the site's security poses a serious threat. Therefore, for the prevention and removal of ASP Trojan, for

How do i show all the contents of a folder

We are in the management of a station, usually upload a lot of files, such as pictures or compressed packets, and so on, how to not through FTP, and so on, and directly in the Web page can view all the content under a folder? We are in the

Example of use of split in ASP

Example |split have you ever come across a string that you want to get some value from? Do you feel that reading or teaching material is confused with the writing of split ... If you have this question, please see below my explanation to the example,

The Curl of PHP

  When I first contacted Curl, look at the documents, and the online search of various materials, the official (http://cn2.php.net/manual/en/intro.curl.php) explanation is that this is a libcurl library written by Daniel, PHP supports this extension

asp.net Automatic Update component sharing

I. SummaryTwo days ago on the blog published an English Automatic Update component article release a Autoupdater tool, then in this article, we also have some simple explanation of its function, this component is very simple, so you can download

Improve the security performance of FTP server comprehensively

The Windows2000 system provides the FTP service function, because it is simple and easy to use, and the Windows system itself combines tightly, deeply favored by the majority of users. But is it really safe to use IIS5.0 to set up an FTP server? Its

Using bind to establish a DNS server on Linux

Although Linux has not made noticeable progress in the world of desktop computing, it is already a small celebrity as a Web server. Thanks to its excellent reliability, we can safely run all the important service programs that are necessary for

Configuration of Linux FTP and SVN servers

Because I have to reload the system for my laptop, and to repartition the entire hard disk, I started to back up things on my lab computer, because my lab computer is Linux, so I chose to use FTP for data transfer, I started to configure the FTP

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