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ORACLE Automatic Email code

The most important function of this program script is to monitor the performance of the ETL by sending mail via Oracle's own process package:Oracle_sid=orclOracle_base=/opt/oracleoracle_home=/opt/oracle/product/10.2.0Export Oracle_sid oracle_base

OPC client program (VB article-sync)

The program establishes the following form: The reference is as follows: The code is as follows: Option Explicit Dim WithEvents ServerObj as Opcserver Dim WithEvents Groupobj as Opcgroup Dim Itemobj as Opcitem Private Sub Command_start_click ()

VBA All select Word Current page code

The function of the following code is to select the current page of the Word document, and note that it is the current page, the page where the insertion bar is located, not the full text. Dim Currentpagestart as Long, currentpageend as Long,

JavaServer Faces Introduction

Server The JavaServer Faces 1.0 Framework makes it easy for you to create powerful and dynamic WEB applications. There are many WEB user interface frameworks available on the market, but the JavaServer Faces Technology stand out for several reasons:

How to update the previous version of the Chinese version of Windows Vista SP1 online

Microsoft has released the latest version of Vista SP1 's RC (Release Candidate, which is the pre-release version, which has completed its full functionality and eliminated most bugs). No major changes will be made to the software. , it is worth

Class classes that connect to a database

Connection Database Option Explicit ' local variable (s) to hold property value (s) Private lsserver as String ' local copy Private Lsdatabase as String ' local variable (s) to hold property value (s) Private lsusername as String ' local

Write NSIs script language Implementation Super button

Many development tools provide plug-ins to facilitate users to achieve some common functions, reduce the burden on programmers. Today's small knitting to tell you how to call the Buttonlinker plug-in implementation of the Super button effect. /*

No external controls make multimedia player (i)

Controls | media Using the MCI directive to make the player, simple and practical, well suited to be a side function or background music for your own software, it is based on this need that I am prepared to write in a few parts: 1, the MCI

C # Language Specification--1.6 statement

Spec. Most of the statements in C # are borrowed directly from C and C + +, but there are some noteworthy additions and modifications. The following table lists the available statement types and provides examples for each type. Statement

Computer desktop icon can not be deleted how to do?

You want to remove the icons on your desktop, but you find that the icons on your desktop cannot be deleted. You have no experience: Install a game or software, and then found that there is a pop-up window and other malicious behavior, when you want

The exception handling of robust page structure in ASP

Within the scope of this article, there are three different places where errors can occur: scripts, middleware, and it internal architectures. Errors in the IT architecture, such as cyclical performance degradation and the resulting IIS

CentOS 6.4 openstack-grizzly Installation: Control node problem

Reference is the official document, because some documents and steps are not listed in the official document, has been made up. It's not a problem after testing. Forget about it. You are need at Leastthree machines, virtual or physical, with Fedora

SQL Server and Excel data cross-guide

Basic ways to import/export Excel from SQL Server /*=================== Import/Export Excel basic methods ===================*/ From the Excel file, import the data into the SQL database, very simply, using the following statement directly: /*====

Kernel Study: Copy_process

Copy_process is called in do_fork, and the function is important. This function creates a process descriptor and other data structures required by the child process. It is defined in LINUX2.6.XXX/KERNEL/FORK.C. Only the key sections are commented

2 Common ASP Paging methods

Paging I wrote 2 general ASP paging method for your reference!Dim CurrentPage ' Defines the current pageDim filename ' filenameConst maxperpage=20 ' number of records displayed per pageDim Totalnumber ' Total RecordsFilename=

Example of implementing pagination-using stored procedures to implement pagination

There are many programs that discuss how to implement pagination on the web, and I'm here to introduce a new way to implement pagination, using stored procedures to implement pagination Because this program is written earlier, at that time did not

Linux kernel MD Source code interpretation of the process of four command character Run_array

Running the array means that the array goes from scratch, establishes the attributes (such as synchronous reconstruction) that should be used as a raid, and paves the ground for subsequent reads and writes. So what did you do when you ran the array,

Paging SQL Server stored procedures

server|sqlserver| Stored Procedures | paging /*--displays the specified table using a paging program implemented by the stored procedure, view, page X of query results for the primary key or identity column in the table, fetch the query directly

VB binary Block read-write class module (first edition)

Binary ' Cfileread.cls----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Option Explicit '*************************************************************** ' Read and write file class, for file read and write

Win7 The hidden folder instance tutorial

This article will teach you how to hide folders under Windows 7. The first step is to find a folder that is not easily noticed, so don't choose a folder like a game movie, and the folder will not be easily deleted, but not the system partition

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