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Introduction and application of PHP-GTK

1. PHP-GTK Introduction 1.1 PHP-GTK PHP-GTK is a php extension module that allows programmers to write programs that are executed on a client-side, independent GUI. This module does not allow the GTK + program to be viewed in the browser, and it is

C # QQ group member list to achieve the export and bulk mail simulation QQ Landing


Objective An important part of this article: 1, grab bag to obtain QQ space or mailbox landing address, analysis parameters, user name, password, authentication code, GTK, and then number. 2, obtain each login needs of the verification code 3,

SUSE 10.2 Linux To configure the Eclipse development environment


To run eclipse, you must have the support of the Java Runtime environment. After installing SuSE 10.2, the system will have a Java GNU compiler GCJ (this is my personal installation option). You can test the following: Hitisp:/opt # Java-version

How MSN prevents others from listening


No matter what the purpose is to be monitored by others MSN information is not a good thing after all. Here's a summary of how to prevent this from happening under Windows and Linux. 1. Install Gaim for Linux or Windows. 2. Install Gaim-encryption

Installation, configuration and programming of ODBC under Linux/unix

Odbc|unix| programming Installation, configuration and programming of ODBC under Linux/unix Ziliang ( July 2002 The main content of this article is to introduce the simple principle of ODBC and how to install, configure and

FTP clients in the Linux operating system

First, Introduction: Packaged in most distributions, please go to the FTP list for each major release, or you can get it on the installation disk of the distribution. Lftp is a command-line-style FTP client. Good support for Chinese. If you are in

Enhance the accessibility of the graphical user interface


Prior to 1.4.2, J2SE consisted of 3 pluggable Look-and-feel (PLAF) Designs: Windows: Mimics the Windows 2000 operating system (Plaf can only be used under Windows platforms due to licensing restrictions). Motif: Imitate the Motif application.

Install Java EE environment under Linux (iii) installation MyEclipse

Environment: VirtualBox4.1 + RedHat Linux 6 Description: Must be installed in the graphical interface A. Download MyEclipse Download Address: MyEclipse6.0 Linux version download Http://

Change time zone under Redhat9 terminal

The questions I've asked are still being asked by the brothers. Because REDHAT9 cannot configure the time zone as before. There are often errors without a graphical interface! Use /usr/sbin/timeconfig Errors are as follows Traceback (most

How to install the JDK and Eclipse configuration method under Linux

First, install the Java development environment 1,jdk-6u33-linux-i586.bin, after downloading the original directory is:/home/downloads/ 2, will download the file to place you need, here I put in CP JDK-6U33-LINUX-I586.BIN/USR/SHARE/JAVAJDK Note:

Developing the GUI with PHP (a simple example)

Environment: w2k+php4.3.1+php/gtk0.5.2 A simple Notepad (you can only open files for modification) Set_time_limit (0); Set run time if (!class_exists ("GTK"))//Determine if there is a GTK module if (Strtoupper substr ($_server["OS", 0, 3)) = = "WIN"

Talking about the change of FreeBSD 5.2R common operation (setting)

Summary: This is the experience I've had since using FreeBSD 5.2 current, highlighting the latest 5 different places from previous operations. Hope to be helpful to friends who are using the latest 5 current or are going to use 5.

Java Development in Linux Environment (III): Experience the IDE


Do program development, absolutely no one integrated development environment, do Java development, the first choice of course is eclipse. Say less, first give the download address, the following figure: Although the current version is 3.3, but I

Developing GUI with PHP

Environment: w2k+php4.3.1+php/gtk0.5.2A simple Notepad (you can only open files for modification)Set_time_limit (0); Set run timeif (!class_exists ("GTK"))//Determine if there is a GTK moduleif (Strtoupper substr ($_server["OS", 0, 3)) = = "WIN")DL (

Cross-platform development using JRuby and swing

Rapid development of desktop applications using the Monkeybars JRuby Swing Library With Ruby, in addition to building WEB and console applications, you can write complex GUI desktop applications that can run on a variety of platforms without

Python grasping screen implementation method under Linux

The example of this article describes the Linux Python grab screen implementation method. Share to everyone for your reference. The specific implementation code is as follows: ? 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 2

[Eclipse notes] Configure the SWT development environment

Notes This article assumes that readers use Windows operating system +jdk1.4, and other platforms and JDK versions should also be sorta. To compile and run the SWT program, we have two choices: 1-Download separate SWT binaries and source files

Concise Python Tutorials

If you've finished reading the book and practiced writing a lot of programs, you must have been able to use Python very skillfully. You may also have written some Python programs to try out various Python skills and features. If you haven't done

The way of Qt Learning (1): Preface


The QT that we use, exactly, is its GUI programming part. C + + GUI programming differs from Java: The GUI is not part of the C + + standard. So, if you're using Java, your best bet is awt/swing, or you can make swt/jface, but GUI programming in C +

Common methods of screen capture in Linux system


Computer operating systems generally have their own screenshots shortcut keys, and many software industry has screenshots of the function, then the Linux operating system to how to capture it? The following small series to introduce the next Ubuntu

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