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Visualization Trend of inventory information

In the Internet industry, the word information visualization should be no stranger. ~ ~ In recent years, people have a number of tedious information through the visualization of the graphical display of the example, the emergence of more and more!

Baidu Weight is what

Baidu weight is a third-party website launched for the site keyword rankings are expected to bring traffic to the site, ranking 0-10 of the third party website popularity assessment data, Baidu weight is only for keyword rankings to the site to

Web page optimization Strategy

Page optimization is the Web page optimization is the Web page of the program, content, plate, layout and other aspects of the optimization adjustment, so that it is suitable for search engine retrieval, to meet the index of search engine rankings,

Several ideas of game website Development and operation

Perhaps you do not understand literature can do literature website, do not understand economy can do economic forum, do not understand software can do software resources download, but if you do not know the game can not do game class site. This is a

How to post efficient and valuable information on a business-to-business website

First: The site's screening considerations: The quality of the information is directly influenced by the choice of the website. There are no clear metrics for the so-called information publishing site Second: The information content of the

The function of the stroke text

Do not know what is the description of the text, in fact, we are in the forum or some messages that can be seen in the text of other people to enter his site, in fact, the description of the text is the meaning of the text added to the link to our

The importance of the site's stroke text

Anchor text links are important in SEO. What you need to be aware of when you set up an anchor version link. In life and work, everything should be paid attention to method. The reason is simple, the method is wrong, the strength in vain. So, the

general principles for selecting Core keywords for a website

A website should have a theme, this is our core keywords, in general, is also the goal of our home site keyword. is also possible to our website the largest flow of keywords, optimization of the most difficult keywords. Our entire website will be

Discuss the principles and techniques of website keyword selection

I believe that a lot of webmaster friends know to promote a flow of keywords, you are the first to go to Baidu to check the word Baidu index, for I just launched a new station, you can Baidu index lower the first to do, and so on after the promotion,

What are the key principles of keyword selection?

With the continuous development of the Internet, through the Web site marketing products are also the phenomenon of being used to, whether it is a traditional enterprise or tourism, real estate, talent, education, electricity business, or almost all

What are the principles of core keyword selection?

Key words on the importance of the site is self-evident, it is to establish the direction of Web site content expansion. And choosing the right core keyword is the equivalent of choosing a path to success. The author in a previous article also

The basic principle of choosing key words

The choice of key words should begin before the website design begins. If the keyword is chosen incorrectly, the consequences can be catastrophic. Perhaps you choose the keyword very few people to search, then your ranking again high, the flow is

A new method to analyze the competitive degree of inventory keywords

SEO optimization of the site one of the core work is the choice of keywords. We will consider some factors when choosing the keyword. But now, with the search engine's algorithm constantly changing, the right to rank will gradually tilt to the user.

Suggestions on the optimization of local portal website

The title is written "Optimization proposal" rather than "optimization scheme", because the local portal form is too much, and, even the same system, do the site to be specific analysis of the site. However, no matter what you learn, you should

Analysis on the method of local portal network optimization

Small where I graduated from the 11 after the contact site construction, of course, with free space, try to build a lot of Taobao guest site. At that time, although only interested, but I am also very serious to learn the site of various knowledge

Interface file Format description (asp+xmlhttp)

Asp+|xml Interface XML file format Belongs column Owning Information Unit Information Release Form Key words News Headlines Author Original source News content Belongs column Owning Information Unit Information Release Form Key

XHTML Day 5th: Other settings for the head area

Xhtml In fact, the head area is very important, look at a page head of the code can know whether the designer is professional enough.The code is as follows, replaced by the can be:1. Allow search of all links in the robot search station:

What is the response layout, how the response layout is designed

Article Introduction: Let 's talk about response layout This little thing today, including what is the response layout, the pros and cons of the response layout, and how the response layout is designed (the response layout is implemented via CSS3

PS Synthetic glow under the beautiful Mermaid

Hello everyone, I am Guigui! This time we bring you a synthetic tutorial to make a beautiful mermaid. In this example tutorial to pay attention to the order of the layers, master some basic palette tool is also very important, in addition to this

Photoshop makes creative food posters

The food poster should embody the appetite, so the color collocation is very important. Blue will give people no appetite, its contrasting color orange will stimulate appetite, so food posters with more orange. The form of a first-person perspective

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