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Tutorials | Kaggle Site Traffic Prediction Task first solution: from model to code detailed time series forecast

Https://mp.weixin.qq.com/s/JwRXBNmXBaQM2GK6BDRqMwSelected from GitHubArtur SuilinThe heart of the machine compilesParticipation: Shiyuan, Wall's, Huang Recently, Artur Suilin and other people released the Kaggle website Traffic Timing Prediction Contest first place detailed solution. They not only expose all the implementation code, but also explain the implementation model and experience in detail. The heart of the machine provides a brief o

Kaggle Big Data Contest Platform Introduction

generous and the competition is relatively large; the competition shown for the study (yellow strips on the left) Less bonus; show as recruitment , although there is no bonus, but can be released to the project company internship/interview opportunities, which also gives the company to recruit talent another way. Shown as Playground for the practice race, Mainly used for beginner practiced hand, for beginners, it is recommended to start here . Getting Started inside to teach you step-by-step d

The--digit of the Kaggle contest title recognizer

Classify handwritten digits using the famous MNIST dataThis competition was the first in a series of tutorial competitions designed to introduce people to machine learning.The goal-competition is-to-take an image of a handwritten a-digit, and determine what's digit is. As the competition progresses, we'll release tutorials which explain different machine learning algorithms To get started.The data for this competition were taken from the MNIST dataset

Big Data competition platform--kaggle Getting Started

Big Data Competition Platform--kaggle Introductory articleThis article is suitable for those who just contact Kaggle, want to become familiar with Kaggle and finish a contest project independently, for the Netizen who has already competed on the Kaggle, can not spend time reading this article. This article is divided i

Get started with Kaggle -- use scikit-learn to solve DigitRecognition and scikitlearn

Get started with Kaggle -- use scikit-learn to solve DigitRecognition and scikitlearnGet started with Kaggle -- use scikit-learn to solve DigitRecognition Problems @ Author: wepon @ Blog: http://blog.csdn.net/u012162613 1. Introduction to scikit-learn Scikit-learn is an open-source machine learning toolkit based on NumPy, SciPy, and Matplotlib. It is written in Python and covers classification, Regression

Getting started with Kaggle-using Scikit-learn to solve digitrecognition problems

Getting started with Kaggle-using Scikit-learn to solve digitrecognition problems@author: Wepon@blog: http://blog.csdn.net/u0121626131, Scikit-learn simple introductionScikit-learn is an open-source machine learning toolkit based on NumPy, SciPy, and Matplotlib. Written in the Python language. Mainly covers classification,back and clustering algorithms such as KNN, SVM, logistic regression, Naive Bayes, random forest, K-means and many other algorithms

"Python machine learning and Practice: from scratch to the road to the Kaggle race"

"Python Machine learning and practice – from scratch to the road to Kaggle race" very basicThe main introduction of Scikit-learn, incidentally introduced pandas, NumPy, Matplotlib, scipy.The code of this book is based on python2.x. But most can adapt to python3.5.x by modifying print ().The provided code uses Jupyter Notebook by default, and it is recommended to install ANACONDA3.The best is to https://www.kaggle.com registered account, run the fourth

Kaggle Invasive Species Detection VGG16 example--based on Keras

matplotlib.pyplot as Plt %matplot Lib inline trainpath = str (' e:\\kaggle\invasive_species\\train\\ ') testpath = str (' E:\\kaggle\\invasive_ Species\\test\\ ') n_tr = Len (Os.listdir (trainpath)) print (' num of training files: ', n_tr) Num of training files:2295 You can see the specifics of the train_labels.csv, which is shown in the table below, where the data is already scrambled, and the samples l

Identification of kaggle fish varieties

Kaggle Competition official website: https://www.kaggle.com/c/the-nature-conservancy-fisheries-monitoring Code: Https://github.com/pengpaiSH/Kaggle_NCFM Read reference: http://wh1te.me/index.php/2017/02/24/kaggle-ncfm-contest/ Related courses: http://course.fast.ai/index.html 1. Introduction to NCFM Image Classification task In order to protect and monitor the marine environment and ecological balance, The

Kaggle Data Mining -- Take Titanic as an example to introduce the general steps of data processing, kaggletitanic

Kaggle Data Mining -- Take Titanic as an example to introduce the general steps of data processing, kaggletitanic Titanic is a just for fun question on kaggle, there is no bonus, but the data is neat, it is best to practice it. This article uses Titanic data and uses a simple decision tree to introduce the general process and steps of data processing. Note: The purpose of this article is to help you get st

Kaggle Data Mining--taking Titanic as an example to introduce the approximate steps of processing data

Titanic is a kaggle on the just for fun, no bonuses, but the data neat, practiced hand best to bring.Based on Titanic data, this paper uses a simple decision tree to introduce the process and procedure of processing data.Note that the purpose of this article is to help you get started with data mining, to be familiar with data steps, processesDecision tree model is a simple and easy-to-use non-parametric classifier. It does not require any prior assum

Dry Kaggle Popular | Solve all machine learning challenges with a single framework

New Smart Dollar recommendations  Source: LinkedIn  Abhishek Thakur  Translator: Ferguson  "New wisdom meta-reading" This is a popular Kaggle article published by data scientist Abhishek Thakur. The author summed up his experience in more than 100 machine learning competitions, mainly from the model framework to explain the machine learning process may encounter difficulties, and give their own solutions, he also listed his usual research database, al

Handwritten numeral recognition using the naïve Bayesian model of spark Mllib on Kaggle handwritten digital datasets

Yesterday I downloaded a data set for handwritten numeral recognition in Kaggle, and wanted to train a model for handwritten digit recognition through some recent learning methods. These datasets are derived from 28x28 pixel-sized handwritten digital grayscale images, where the first element of the training data is a specific handwritten number, and the remaining 784 elements are grayscale values for each pixel of the handwritten digital grayscale ima

Kaggle Master Interpretation Gradient enhancement (Gradient boosting) (translated)

If the linear regression algorithm is like the Toyota Camry, then the gradient boost (GB) method is like the UH-60 Black Hawk helicopter. Xgboost algorithm as an implementation of GB is Kaggle machine learning competition victorious general. Unfortunately, many practitioners only use this algorithm as a black box (including the one I used to be). The purpose of this article is to introduce the principle of classical gradient lifting method intuitively

Machine Learning (a): Remember the study of K-one nearest neighbor algorithm and Kaggle combat

This blog is based on Kaggle handwritten numeral recognition in combat as the goal, with KNN algorithm learning as the driving guidance to explain. The reason for writing this blog What is KNN The analysis of KNN Kaggle Combat Advantages and disadvantages and optimization methods Summarize Reference documents The reason for writing this blogMachine learning is very hot

Kaggle Contest Summary

Finished Kaggle game has been nearly five months, today to summarize, for the autumn strokes to prepare.Title: The predictive model predicts whether the user will download the app after clicking on the mobile app ad based on the click Data provided by the organizer for more than 4 days and about 200 million times. Data set Features: The volume of data is large and there are 200 million of them. The data is unbalanced and th

Handwritten numeral recognition using the randomforest of Spark mllib on Kaggle handwritten digital datasets

(0.826) of the last use of naive Bayesian training. Now we start to make predictions for the test data, using the numTree=29,maxDepth=30 following parameters:val predictions = randomForestModel.predict(features).map { p => p.toInt }The results of the training to upload to the kaggle, the accuracy rate is 0.95929 , after my four parameter adjustment, the highest accuracy rate is 0.96586 , set the parameters are: numTree=55,maxDepth=30 , when I change

Python machine learning and practice from scratch to the Kaggle Race road PDF

: Network Disk DownloadContent Profile ...This book is intended for all readers interested in the practice and competition of machine learning and data mining, starting from scratch, based on the Python programming language, and gradually leading the reader to familiarize themselves with the most popular machine learning, data mining and natural language processing tools without involving a large number of mathematical models and complex programming knowledge. such as Scikitlearn, NLTK, Pandas,

Kaggle Combat (ii)

, the use of the Out-of-core way, but really slow ah. Similar to the game 6,price numerical features or three-bit mapping into the category features and other categories of features together One-hot, the final features about 6 million, of course, the sparse matrix is stored, train file size 40G. Libliear seemingly do not support mini-batch, in order to save trouble have to find a large memory server dedicated to run lasso LR. As a result of the above filtering a lot of valuable information, ther

Introduction to Data Science, using Xgboost preliminary Kaggle

Kaggle is currently the best place for stragglers to use real data for machine learning practices, with real data and a large number of experienced contestants, as well as a good discussion sharing atmosphere. Tree-based boosting/ensemble method has achieved good results in actual combat, and Chen Tianchi provides high-quality algorithm implementation Xgboost also makes it easier and more efficient to build a solution based on this method, and many of

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