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Select the SQL Server recovery model to ensure proper backup

Problem One of the first things to do when managing SQL Server is to establish an appropriate backup plan to minimize the loss of any data in a failed event. After setting up a backup plan, of course, you have to do some database configuration,

MySQL Database learning experience (3)

Three. MySQL Common sense (i) field type[(M)] Normal size integer type 2.double[(m,d)] [Zerofill] Normal size (double precision) floating-point number type 3.DATE Date type. The scope of support is ' 1000-01-01 ' to ' 9

Improve performance with SQL Server 2005 indexed view Two

View Restrictions To create an index on a view in SQL Server 2005, the corresponding view definition must include: Any, not any OPENROWSET, OPENQUERY, OpenDataSource Arithmetic OPENXML on imprecise (floating, real) values COMPUTE, COMPUTE by

[Oracle] Oracle Database partition Table Operation method

Summary: In a large number of business data processing projects, you can consider the use of partitioned tables to improve the performance of the application system and facilitate data management, this article describes the use of partitioned tables

MySQL Database SQL syntax reference

Mysql|sql Grammar | reference | data | database | Grammar reference one, data definition DDL (data definition Language) Data-setting language refers to the language defined in the format and form of data, he is the first to be set up when each

Getting started with Spring Web Flow 2.0

Spring Web Flow 2.0 is an extension of Spring Web MVC, which, if roughly, is equivalent to a special controller in spring Web MVC, which can be controller through XML files, so you need to configure Spring Web MVC before using Spring Web Flow 2.0,

Oracle tuning (Getting Started and improving)

Over the past decade, Oracle has become one of the most professional databases in the world. For IT professionals, it is important to ensure that Oracle's powerful features are used to improve the productivity of their companies. One of the most

Getting Started with Lucene 3.6.2 (1) First program: Hello Word

Package com.jadyer.lucene; Import; Import; Import; Import Org.apache.lucene.analysis.standard.StandardAnalyzer; Import org.apache.lucene.document.Document; Import

The difference between clustered index and non-clustered index and SQL Server query optimization technology

server| Difference | index | optimization In the principle of the database, the explanation of the clustered index is that the order of the clustered index is the physical storage order of the data, but the explanation of the nonclustered index is

Analysis and resolution of Oracle Common Error codes (II.)

Oracle| Error | resolution Analysis and resolution of Oracle Common Error codes (II.) The article originates from the century easy net Ora-01578:oracle data Block corrupted (file # num,block # num) Reason: When Oracle accesses a block of data,

SQL Server index Auto Optimization tool

The previous paragraph took over an optimization project, the requirement is to the company's existing 1W multiple tables indexed optimization, perfect existing, eliminate invalid index. In view of the serious shortage of manpower (at that time, the

PHPL using DOM XML Operations xml[Summary]

1, preface   XML tree hierarchy is clear, very suitable as a configuration file. You can use DOM XML to manipulate XML in PHP. This article summarizes PHP using DOM XML to create, add nodes, and query XML files.   2, using DOM XML   XML to divide

Composite index with constants in Oracle

The original knowledge of the index only knows that the index can be based on one or more columns, the B-tree index does not contain NULL, but in some cases we need to find some data through the where column name is NULL, when the database uses the

MySQL Data directory structure

mysql| Data | Data Directory MySQL Data directory structure Blue Forest May 28, 2000 10:40 Author: Yan Zi Conceptually, most relational database systems are similar: They have a series of database components, each

How to set up partitioned tables and cluster tables in Oracle

1, Partition table: (>2G) to optimize the large table (Range partitioning,list partitioninghash partitioning,composite Partitioning) --Create a partitioned table by range 1 CREATE TABLE Sales_range 2 (salesman_id number (5), 3 Salesman_name

SQL Syntax Reference manual

Reference | Reference Manual | grammar | Grammar reference DB2 provides query language SQL (Structured query Language) of the related database, which is a very colloquial, easy to learn and understandable syntax. This language is almost always

remap_table function of Oracle 11g R2 data Pump

Oracle has actually introduced this feature in, but there are bugs in Here is a brief introduction to the Remap_table feature in 11.2. Look at a simple example: Sql> select * from V$version; BANNER -----------------------------

SQL Server log file summary and full processing

The transaction log (Transaction logs) is a very important but often overlooked part of the database structure. Because it is not as active as the schema in the database, few people are concerned about the transaction log. The transaction log is a

Oracle Binding variables and histograms

One, the spy of the binding variable (PEEK) 1, Oracle in the processing of SQL with binding variables, only in hard parsing will "pry" the value of the binding variable in SQL, and then based on the value of the detected to determine the entire SQL

MySQL Common interview problem summary (i)

001 Database Application System Design 1. Planning 2. Demand Analysis 3. Conceptual model Design 4. Logical Design 5. Physical Design 6. Programming and debugging 7. Operation and Maintenance. 002 Creating a Database CREATE datebase

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