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ASP Tutorial: How to page display when ADO accesses a database

ado| Page | tutorials | data | database | Show what is the paging display when ADO accesses the database? If you've ever used an electronic bulletin board program on a number of websites today, you should know that. Electronic bulletin board program

SQL Server 2005: Efficient data paging operations with new ranking functions

server| Page | functions | Data recently on MSDN Magazine an article on Tips for writing high-performance Web applications mentions effective data paging technology for improving ASP. NET program performance, and gives an example of stored procedure

Integration of SQL Server and XML

Server|sql|xml XML is the latest solution for data storage. XML gives web developers greater programming flexibility than HTML. This new technology drives the development organization to try to integrate XML with its own products. Microsoft is the

@ @ROWCOUNT Global Variables

Returns the number of rows affected by the previous statement! The same features as @error are reset after each statement is executed, and if future use requires saving the variable to a local variable. Any statements that do not return this

Data structure and stored procedure of BBS (III.)

Stored Procedures | data | structure/*************************************************************************/ /* */ * Procedure:up_getpostedtopiclist * * /* */ /* Description: The essence area posts list * /* */ /* Parameters: @a_intForumID:

Ten Techniques of PB Data window programming

Pb (PowerBuilder) The reason for the great achievements is that there are DataWindow objects, DataWindow is a powerful and flexible features, I used PowerBuilder development after a period of time, summed up some skills, For the vast number of PB

Example: Using PHP3 to realize the paging display of MySQL data

mysql| Page | data | Show build and generate test data (Mysql.sql): CREATE TABLE Pagetest ( ID int unsigned NOT NULL primary key auto_increment, Name text NOT NULL ); Insert into Pagetest (name) values (' Hello, friend, this is the pagination test

SQL Server practical experience tips Set [II]

server| tips several ways to delete duplicate data in a database During the use of the database, due to the problems of the program, there are sometimes duplicate data, which causes the database to be set up incorrectly. Itbulo. C omozh1q Method

SQL Server's ROWCOUNT keyword

Because looking at Oracle, I always thought SQL Server was stupid. It's rumored that SQL 2005 has something rowid to solve the top sort problem. Unfortunately, there is no chance to experience it. When you write a stored procedure in SQL 2000, you

Writing row selection functions

function We need a row selection operation in the Data window. If a user chooses a row in order to modify the data or see more detailed content, and in other cases the user may want to delete or modify multiple rows at the same time, we need to have

How SQL Server handles when a SELECT statement returns multiple records to assign a value to a variable

select|server| variable | statement declare @user nvarchar (20) Select @user = ' User1 ' Use CountMe /* To determine whether the user exists * * DECLARE @userweek int Select @userweek =[week] from base where userid= @user SELECT @ @rowcount If @

17th of ADO access to the database, how to display pagination

What is the paging display when ADO accesses a database? If you've ever used an electronic bulletin board program on a number of websites today, you should know that. Electronic bulletin board program in order to improve the reading speed of the

About printing the DataGrid

datagrid| print using System; Using System.Windows.Forms; Using System.Drawing; Using System.Drawing.Printing; Using System.Data; Using System.Collections; Namespace Sx_mdi { Summary description for Datagridprinter. public class Datagridprinter {

How to quickly generate 1 million non-duplicate 8-bit numbers

Recently in the forum to see someone asked, how to quickly generate 1 million of the 8-bit repeat number, for this problem, there are several points to note:1. How to generate 8-bit random numbers, the more random the number of generated, the

Several ways to delete duplicate data in a database

Data | database | duplicate Method One Declare @max integer, @id integerDeclare cur_rows cursor Local for select main field, COUNT (*) from table name Group by main field having count (*) > 1Open Cur_rowsFetch cur_rows into @id, @maxWhile @

Increase paging query stored procedures using temporary tables and @ @RowCount in SQL Server 2005

The recent discovery of the performance of common query stored procedures for existing frameworks is slow, and the following code is carefully studied: Alter PROCEDURE [dbo]. [Areaselect] @PageSize int=0, @CurrentPage Int=1, @Identifier

Detailed application of stored procedure in ASP development

Stored Procedures | Detailed articles on ASP and stored procedures (Stored procedures), but I doubt if the authors actually practiced them. I have consulted a lot of relevant data at the beginning of the class, and found that many of the methods

ASP Tutorial: 17th article How to display the page when ADO accesses the database

What is the paging display when ADO accesses a database? If you've ever used an electronic bulletin board program on a number of websites today, you should know that. Electronic bulletin board program in order to improve the reading speed of the

SQL Server paging stored procedure

SQL Server paging stored procedure CREATE proc [dbo]. [Proc_opinion_baseinfo] @TableName varchar (4000), @PkField varchar (100), @PageIndex Int=1, @PageSize int=10, @SqlWhere nvarchar (4000), @RowCount bigint OUTPUT, @PageCount bigint output

Large tables created for testing in Oracle

Personal experiments sometimes use large tables, where you can share the dba_objects to create a test large table: First set up the test table Sys@orcl>create table Test nologging as Select RowNum id,a.* from Dba_objects a where 1=2;

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