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On the analysis of C # writing x86 and x64 program

Tags: Environment library x86 Choose Tar x64 build to write differentComputer hardware CPU can be divided into x86 and x64, x86 machine can only install 32-bit operating system, such as XP, win7_86, x64 machine can install 32-bit system, but also

[Original] "2014.12.02 Update network Disk link" EasySysprep4.1-based Windows 7 x86/x64 "video" encapsulation

Tags: windows 7 otherwise att stitching original considerations about the same AAA[Original] "2014.12.02 Update network Disk link" EasySysprep4.1-based Windows 7 x86/x64 "video" encapsulationJoinlidong published on 2014-11-29

RedHat Enterprise Linux 5 Update 1 (RHEL 5.1) X86,X64,IA64,PPC Download address

Tags: Linux thunder download Resourcesemule Resources, please use emule/amule or thunder download:x86[Url=[Red Hat Enterprise. LINUX.5]. Tlf-soft-redhat.enterprise.linux.5.update.1-xiso.iso (2.78 GB)]redhat.enterprise.linux.5.update.1.iso[/url][Url=[

Php5-imagick Installation Documentation (WIN2008R2 x64 apache2.2 x86 php5.4 x86)

Tags: black white color styleUbuntu Installation MethodTo install on Ubuntu or Debian, using the Package Manager, use:sudo apt-get install Php5-imagicksudo service apache2 ReloadWindows Installation Reference: If there is an item for x86 , all

Visual C + + SP1 x86&x64

Tags: asp detail. dll SQLite x64 same span one also needsMicrosoft Visual C + + SP1 Redistributable Package (x86) Visual C + + SP1 Redistributable Package

"Blog begins" Server configuration: windows2008r2+php5.6+sqlserver2008 (X64)

Label:Now popular lamp, if you choose Windows Server, then generally choose Server (can be referred to as WINS), these configuration is very convenient.But there are some special server configuration, for example: Windows R2 x64 +

Oracle Database 11G R2 Standard Enterprise Edition download address

Label:Transferred from: not need to register, directly copied to thunderbolt or other download software can be downloaded.Oracle x64:

WINDOWS2008R2 configuration php5.6+sqlserver2008 (X64) environment "Graphics Tutorial"

Related theory 1. IIS supports a variety of ways to extend the language, and for IIS7 to execute PHP files by fastcgi Way 2. PHP through the "extension" in the configuration file, extended to support some features, but currently PHP itself no longer

< reprint >win X86-64-download & Execute (Generator)

Label:#Title: obfuscated Shellcode Windows x86/x64 Download and Execute [use PowerShell]-generator#length:dynamic! depend on URL and filename#date:20 January 2015#author:ali razmjoo#tested on:windows 7 x64 ultimate#winexec = 0x77 b1e695#exitprocess =

Navicat Premium 11 Simplified Chinese x86 x64 version hack patch

Label:Navicat Premium ProfileNavicat Premium is a multi-connected database management tool that allows you to connect to MySQL, MariaDB, SQL Server, SQLite, Oracle, and PostgreSQL databases in a single program, making it easier to manage different

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