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25 Criteria for judging refuse collection points

1) Reciprocal link request pages.This is the link request page, if the site has a link request page, to other webmaster login their own site, to establish links. Personally think, and can not generalize, to see this link request, whether

A simple explanation: PHP socket Communication

1. Common types of errors in PHP 1. Grammatical errors* 1). Write less semicolons* 2). 。 。。。。。 2. Environmental error* 1). PHP Configuration Wait 3. Logic Error* 1). To use an equal sign, the result uses two equal signs 2. Types of

Test PHP connection MySQL successful code sharing

In many cases we do not know is a PHP error, or MySQL username password does not cause the CMS to run wrong, you can use the following code to test itThe method is simple: Save the following code as test.php and put it into the web directory to

Share a few very useful snippets of PHP code

1. Send SMS Invoke the Textmagic++ API. Include the Textmagic PHP Lib Require (' textmagic-sms-api-php/textmagicapi.php '); Set the username and password information $username = ' MyUserName '; $password = ' MyPassword '; Create a new

Simple concept of easy to send error in PHP code

In this article, we have a certain understanding of some of the errors that the PHP compiler can quote that may not seem to make sense. We need to apply what we have learned to how to avoid errors and how to correct errors when they occur. Debugging

A single mode of introduction to PHP design Patterns

In almost all object-oriented programs, there are one or two of resources that are created to be shared and used consistently in program applications. For example, such a resource is used in a database connection of an e-business program: The

Common SQL attack regular expressions in PHP

As we all know, all the library names are stored in the INFORMATION_SCHEMA library in the MySQL 5+, indicating the field name information. So the attack mode is as follows: 1. Determine whether the first character of the first table name is a A-Z

PHP100 Curriculum Learning Notes 1--php environment collocation and code debugging

1, PHP's advantages and backgroundPHP is one of the tools that will allow you to generate dynamic Web pages. PHP representative: Hypertext Preprocessor (Php:hypertext preprocessor).PHP syntax is similar to c,perl,asp or JSP. 2, the PHP environment

PHP Error Reporting and error message settings detailed

In the PHP website development, the error (Bugs) debugging and solves is the essential part, in the website debugging stage, the error message can give us the very big help, when the website on-line, we should also display the original error message

PHP Magic Method Summary

Summary of Magic Methods in PHP: __construct, __destruct, __call, __callstatic,__get, __set, __isset, __unset, __sleep, __wakeup, __toString , __set_state, __clone and __autoload 1, __get, __set These two methods are designed for properties that

Correct understanding of Dynamic Web page making technology PHP error message

When we write a program, no matter how cautious, mistakes are always unavoidable. These errors usually confuse the PHP compiler. If developers cannot understand the implications of compiler error messages, these are not only useless, but often

Isset and Array in PHP

This article illustrates the difference between isset and array_key_exists in PHP. Share to everyone for your reference. The specific analysis is as follows: 1. For the judgment of the array value, return true for the value of NULL or ' or

PHP prevents SQL injection Vulnerability Code and analysis

  This article mainly introduces PHP to prevent SQL Injection Vulnerability Code and analysis, recently provided several common attacks of regular expressions, we refer to the use of the bar The injection vulnerability code and analysis code are

Determine 19 features of a spam site

1, the date of the copyright information is not accurate, but also show the last edit date on the page, is not a good site. 2, from the link factory over the huge amount of links. This is obvious, link factory links Many are unrelated sites linked

Correct understanding of common PHP error messages

When we write a program, no matter how cautious, mistakes are always unavoidable. These errors usually confuse the PHP compiler. If developers cannot understand the implications of compiler error messages, these are not only useless, but often

PHPUnit command-line test tool

The PHPUnit command Line test tool is invoked by the PHPUnit command. The following code shows how to run a test through the PHPUnit command-line test tool. phpunit ArrayTest PHPUnit 2.3.0 by Sebastian Bergmann. Time: 0.067288 OK (2 tests) For

To turn off the PHP error script hints

The easiest way to do this is to add the following code directly to the PHP program code: The code is as follows Error_reporting (e_all^e_notice^e_warning); You can turn off all notice and warning-level errors.

PHP error Handling and PHP exception handling mechanism

PHP Error Handling When we develop programs, sometimes there are problems with the program, we can use the following methods to find the error. Development phase: Output all error reports during development, which will help us to debug the

PHP Error and Logging functions

Introduction to PHP Error and Logging The error and logging functions allow you to process and record errors. The error function allows the user to define fault-handling rules and modify the way in which the errors are logged. The logging

How to turn off PHP error message echo by php.ini

The error echo of PHP provides a lot of convenience for code debugging, which allows us to quickly find the error, but sometimes displaying the error message exposes some sensitive information and negatively affects the security of the program, With

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