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Introduction to XQuery

Note: This article was revised in December 2005 to incorporate the latest changes in the XQuery specification: eight of these work drafts have entered the "candidate recommendation for the World wide Business" status, and the overall specification

Implement session persistence (permanent sessions)

Session|session Note that you need to refer to the System.Runtime.Serialization.Formatters.Soap.dll assembly Public Const string Sessiondatapath = "C:\SessionData\"; private void Application_acquirerequeststate (object sender, EventArgs

8 ways to improve Web API performance

The Web API is a great technique. Writing Web APIs is so easy that many developers do not spend time on application structure design for good performance. In this article, I'll introduce 8 techniques for improving the performance of the

Deep replication through serialization (Java)

If you look at the Java 1.1 object serialization example that is described in chapter 10th, you may find that if you undo serialization of an object after serialization, or assemble it, the actual experience is a "cloning" process. So why not use

Create a Windows Service Application

window| Program | Create a Windows service Application -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Download this article code See Resources It is the presence of the. NET framework that allows you to build an

JQuery Ajax Instance (i)

JQuery Ajax Instance Ajax implementations in JQuery are categorized in many ways, such as: Load, Jquery.get,, Jquery.getscript, jquery Ajax events, Jquery.ajaxsetup, etc. General format of $.ajax $.ajax ({ Type: ' POST ', Url:url,

Javame RMS Universal Persistence framework

In writing Javame program, we often need to save some data to the phone, but also often want to be able to save objects to the phone inside, but javame there is no reflection mechanism, there is no interface, so there is no mvc resolves the date format returned by the JSON DataGrid is/date (20130450000365)

The is actually a JSON format problem and we should format it when we return JSON, and we need to rewrite the system's Jsonresult class Using System; Using System.Collections.Generic; Using System.Linq; Using System.Text; Using

The use of Magic methods in PHP

The use of Magic methods in PHP /** PHP treats all class methods that start with __ (two underscores) as magic methods. So when you define your own class method, don't prefix it with __. * */ __tostring, __set, __get__isset (), __unset () /* The

Web Developer programming Model: Isolation LEVEL

Acid property is the cornerstone of database theory, which defines the four properties that a theoretically reliable database must possess: atomicity, consistency, isolation, and durability. Although these four properties are important, isolation is

WCF Technical Analysis of 12

Data Contract (CONTRACT) and Data Contract serializer (DataContractSerializer) Most of the systems are data-centric, and the realization of the function is handled correctly in the relevant data. And the data itself, is the carrier of effective

Silverlight invokes WCF how to handle errors

Silverilght client does not support FaultException. Only one 404 error is displayed. Therefore, the exception that is thrown by the service side cannot be passed directly through serialization/deserialization by the client. However, you can use some

JSON in Python uses the

This article mainly describes the use of JSON in Python, sample code based on the python2.x version, the need for friends can refer to the JSON advanced Python's Dict objects can be serialized directly into JSON {}, but many times we prefer to use

object-oriented Programming in PHP: Ways to develop large PHP projects (IV.)

Advanced OOP techniques in PHP After looking at basic OOP concepts, I can show you more advanced technologies: Serialization (serializing) PHP does not support persistent objects, where permanent objects are objects that can maintain state and

Performance test for C # reflection

1. Reflection serialization and dynamic compilation serialization. Comparison results: ------Test started:Assembly:Pixysoft.Framework.Configurations.dll------ Begin createobjectusingreflection Begin createobjectusingreflection 00:00:04.2031250

Java Collection Learning (iii) ArrayList detailed introduction (source analysis) and use of examples

In the previous chapter, we learned about the collection architecture. Beginning with this chapter, we explain the specific implementation classes of collection, first, the list, and the list of ArrayList is most commonly used. Therefore, we explain

object-oriented Programming in PHP: Ways to develop large PHP projects (IV.) (reproduced)

Programming | object | Project PHP object-oriented programming: Ways to develop large PHP projects (IV.) Author: Luis Argerich translator: Limodou PHP's Advanced OOP technology after looking at basic OOP concepts, I can show you more

Performance optimization for JSP and servlet

In this article, you'll learn about performance tuning techniques that have been practiced and proven, which will greatly improve the performance of your servlet and JSP pages, and hence the performance of Java EE. Parts of these technologies are

Application of serialization and deserialization techniques in writing socket applications

When we're writing socket-related applications, when we're sending soft, complex data, it's possible that the most common thing we do is convert the data from parts to strings, and then connect the strings with a delimiter to send. However, I do not

Working with arrays within a struct in C #

Arrays are heavily doped with the structure of common types and arrays, such as the Image_optional_header structure defining the header structure of a PE file, in C + + code as follows: The following are program code: typedef struct

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