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Counting Friendship Link Exchange 6 big con

Exchange links are many webmaster daily to do, especially some novice webmaster think that the exchange link is the main body of the site, and because will not analyze the exchange of the site, often deceived, even if the senior webmaster is no

Encapsulation JS Implementation Ajax

This two days carefully understand the Ajax, and then the packaging for a while, if there is anything wrong, please advise, thank you! Ajax AJAX = Asynchronous JavaScript and XML (asynchronous JavaScript and XML). AJAX is not a new programming

The difference between post and get request methods

The string passed through the Post method is: "〈b〉〈%= request.form (" Text ")%〉〈/b〉" 〈br〉〈% End If%〉 Description to save the above code as getpost.asp, and then run, first test the Post method, this time, the browser URL does not change, the result

Go PHP can also be used as a shell Script

Why is PHP so red? Recently, PHP (Personal hypertext preprocessor) seems to have become the most widely used web-processing language in the last two years, and its convenience, powerful features and opensource characteristics make it gradually erode

Python to write a crawler applet

We can use Python to implement such a simple reptile function, to crawl the code we want to the local. Let's look at how you can use Python to implement such a feature. Cause Late at night suddenly want to download a little ebook to expand the

Adding records to a database with an ISAPI implementation

This article describes the use of HTML (hypertextmakeuplanguage) to write an interface, Write an ISAPI (INTERNETSERVERAPPLICATIONPROGRAMMINGINTERFACE) Interaction program to implement methods for adding records to a database that was built with

Implement session function in PHP3 (II.)

Cookie function Library: if (!isset ($__cookie_inc__)) { $__cookie_inc__=1; function Jssetcookie ($CName, $CValue, $CExpr =false) { This function allows you to set cookies after the HTML header tag, Can be supplemented with

The control of buffer under PHP

PHP4.0 provides a collection of output buffering functions. Output buffering support allows you to write the package function function to compress the buffer. The output buffering support in PHP4 allows the HTML header information to be stored,

The control of buffer under PHP

Control PHP4.0 provides a collection of output buffering functions. Output buffering support allows you to write the package function function to compress the buffer. The output buffering support in PHP4 allows the HTML header information to be

A practical tutorial on CSS (i)

css| Tutorial CSS (cascading stylesheets, cascading style sheet) is a new technology for making Web pages that is now supported by most browsers and is one of the essential tools for Web design. The use of CSS can simplify the format of the page

Get post Submission Form difference in ASP

Get post Submission Form differences in ASP tutorials The difference between get and post means 5 points 1. Get is to obtain data from the server, post is to transfer data to the server. 2. Get is to add the parameter data queue to the URL of the

PHP personal website set up a serial talk (ii)

Three first page press release, make your update easier (ON) --------each time in the home page to add a message, add two words, you have to upload the entire page, it is not worth! So like the blue wind such a lazy man thought of a once and for all,

The object of ASP code

Mention ASP Many people think it is a bunch of HTML scripts and are enclosed in some of the code and some JavaScript scripts, such as the collection of some code, such code, plus various types of annotations in different formats, looks like a word:

The meaning of HTML document structure to DIV+CSS layout

The difference between get and post in form submission is 5 points 1.get is getting the data from the server, and the post is transferring data to the server. The 2.get is to add the parameter data queue to the URL referred to in the action

Let your site be ranked on the home page keyword optimization

Consecutive A5 on the two articles, the response is good, but also received a small partner message, let me in addition to introduce snapshots not update the problem, but also introduce some of the actual part of the SEO. The first " Baidu snapshot

How to synchronize the MySQL data

First assume host A and B (Linux system), host a IP is (of course, can also be dynamic), host B IP is Two hosts are loaded with Php+mysql, now operating is the data on host A, if another host B want to synchronize with the data of a,

ASP Image Usage Example

Using the Aspimage component requires only the following steps:Build an ObjectSet several propertiesCalling the SaveImage methodThe following code gives an example of how to use the Aspimage component in VBScript, in which we create a text picture

PHP personal website Set up the whole introduction

Personal Site | introduction Here and you share the experience of setting up a personal website. The wrong place, please correct me!Editing a debugging environmentWin98 local edit debugging, cool? First of the next omnihttpd proffesinal V2.06,

PHP can also be used as a shell script

Installation of PHP execution files General PHP as a web processing language is to be compiled into Apache module, here of course not to do, and therefore compiled very simple, as long as the identity of the root of the following actions: Untie

HTML Header Basic Tag is the abbreviation for English hypertext Markup Language, which means "Hypertext Markup Language", and the file (document) that is written with the extension is. html or. htm, which is a file format that browsers can interpret for

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