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I was informed that the software School of Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics opened the country's first master's degree in "Mobile cloud computing" software engineering, which is naturally linked with the development of mobile Internet and cloud computing, in addition, I am happy to be able to have more professionals fighting for the mobile Internet in the future. At least it should be able to solve the problems of hunger and thirst for talents faced by some enterprises.

This is an excerpt from Beihang's professional introduction. It's not an advertisement, but it's just too lazy to sort it out:

Beihang Software Institute in the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology Software and integrated circuit Promotion Center (csip), China cloud computing alliance, Zhongguancun Science Park Management Committee, Zhongguancun Science Park Wangjing Park ("Mobile Valley ") with the strong support of HTC and ODPS Dopod (with the largest market share of Google Android and Microsoft Windows Mobile in the world, the first "Mobile cloud computing" Software Engineering Master's Degree in China was set up, striving to turn Beihang software College into a "Whampoa Military Academy" in the China Mobile Application development field ". Students will learn cloud computing, mobile development, software services, software engineering related theories and technologies, and must participate in the design and development of at least one commercial application software service product. The goal of this major is to train practical engineers with cloud computing servers and various terminal technology development capabilities, as well as high-end mobile project management talents ."

However, I personally think it is still a little lacking. I feel that the curriculum of this major is not ideal. For my master's degree, I think it may be of greater significance for future research work, not for specific software development technologies. Looking at this professional Professional Course, there are only three required courses: Introduction to mobile cloud computing development, server-side development technology, and client development technology. Of course, there is also an introduction to the development environment of handheld devices, the introduction to mobile value-added services based on mobile cloud computing are also good. The other electives are all developed for Windows Mobile, sybmain, Android, iPhone, and j2s. I am not afraid to comment on them.

In any case, a university can take this step, at least indicating that the mobile Internet and cloud computing have achieved a certain degree of position and achievements, which is also the future direction, hoping to be the same as a foreign university, combine theory with practice to cultivate excellent professionals.

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