2017 Semiconductor industry payroll reports are you on average?

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2017 is about to go, but your semiconductor career just as Chaoyang Dongsheng, appreciation pay when the leader, the wife and children hot picket dream has not been realized, Hong Kong really, not only to work hard, but also to the enemy.

Here, we have good things to offer: A 2017 salary report for the semiconductor industry.

The survey of 368,864 online users from 736 semiconductor companies on the "Moore elite" platform gives you a clearer picture of the industry. (at the end of the article there is OH)

For example, you know:

1. In which cities to work more money, ah no, is the future;

2. The specific relationship between education and money scene;

3.2017 average salary of semiconductor persons;

4. Which industry chain of the greatest demand for talent, the highest pay rise;

5. As you know, the semiconductor industry little paper, so in the end, "both husband and wife to live, work a home also" to achieve the possibility of how much.

6. What is the difference in pay between professionals, managers and directors, as well as work?

7. And, um, the probability of your becoming a leader.


Some of the contents of the report screenshots are as follows:

Above, we are not a bull-like nonsense, we just want to let more users understand the industry trend. Then, do you find that your salary has been averaged? Believe us, after reading this report, you work more energetic.

Finally, do not say anything, I would like to make the company of mortals, make pots full of pot ~ ~

Scan code to get payroll report

Wait, what about the eggs? After reading the newspaper to inform the trend, completed evaluation of the body.

We also provide a professional "semiconductor talent career Assessment", a comprehensive display of your network index, salary index, professional skills index, (Myers-briggs Type indicator) Professional Personality report ...

Know yourself to be the better you.

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Click to read the original and get the payroll report.

Considerations for 1.C language programming in embedded systems

2. Embedded Software Learning Roadmap.

3.Linux file system hard link and soft link

4. Play embedded, you can try Micro Bit.

5. Programming and Mathematical Foundation poor how to get started AI.

6.Linux command-link operator to make your code more concise.

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