Alibaba Cloud product purchase strategy 3: Alibaba Cloud storage product purchase strategy on Double 11

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The Alibaba Cloud double 11 ecosystem carnival was held on June 14, October 24. This Alibaba Cloud Storage series products also bring home watching products of cloud storage to users to present their gifts in good faith. How can we make the Double 11 shopping more affordable, small make up to solve the problem of purchasing crude products:

Strategy 1: 10.24-11.10 recharge cards, coupons, and awards

The double 11 warm-up activity has officially kicked off. When you buy a stored-value card for the first time, you will be able to get a coupon of 10%-15%. The stored-value card can be used to purchase, renew, and upgrade Alibaba Cloud website cloud products, including subscription and pay-as-you-go products. The stored-value card is valid for four months. In addition to the discount products on the Double 11 day, if you purchase storage products based on pay-as-you-go, it is already 8.5-off! If you want to purchase a stored-value card, you can get a lucky draw for 100% yuan, and a cash coupon of 11,111,111 yuan will be returned. Do not miss it.

Strategy 2: 11.11 carnival, three storage products

On Double 11,

OSS 10 TB, 50 TB large storage package for one year,

Table store 0.4 billion write capacity plan

And recently released enterprise file storage service nas gb one-year storage package

Off all available! The pre-sale resource upgrade offers a discount and is a constant surprise.

Taking OSS as an example,

During the warm-up period, you can recharge your 10000 RMB stored-value card to purchase 10 TB storage packages,

You can not only enjoy a 50% discount, but also a 1000 yuan coupon to return. In addition to the amount of your storage package consumed, your coupon can also be deducted for traffic and request billing in the next four months, one recharge can cover your various costs of cloud storage!

Strategy 3: The storage service is always pleasantly surprised, with a 2 T object storage resource package worth RMB 99 for purchase.

"I am a new user of cloud storage. I didn't have such a large storage capacity at the beginning. Are there any other discounts ?"

Of course!

For new users of cloud storage, we recently launched the 9/99 yuan value storage package purchase activity. Alibaba Cloud Enterprise Certified users buy 2 TB/year storage package 99 yuan back 99 yuan object storage coupon, the table store 5 yuan value IOT package can be shared at the same time; personal authenticated users 9 yuan to buy GB a year storage package back to 9 yuan OSS coupons.

Free trial storage, easy cloud migration, and more cost-effective!

Activity address:

During the Double 11 ecological storage carnival, if you have cloud storage needs, please take action.

Activity address preemptive collection:

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