NetEase Enterprise Mailbox cloud storage Innovation Enterprise network disk function upgrades

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NetEase Enterprise E-mail ( enterprise network recently carried out a function upgrade, the Enterprise Administrator batch management rights, public folders, file restoration, and many other functions made a comprehensive optimization, so that the enterprise network disk in a safe and controllable, the management of more convenient, easier to use employees, It further satisfies the enterprise's demand for file storage and sharing.

Set permissions in bulk, more convenient to control

NetEase Enterprise Network Disk for the protection of enterprise files High Security, support strict rights management, and provide fine-grained permissions, administrators can assign specific user rights for each folder (including upload, download, upload/download permissions). After the update, the administrator in the folder to assign permissions, not only to select a single user, but also in accordance with departmental units for the overall allocation of rights, more concise operation, more convenient management.

Public folders, easier to use

Enterprises often need to provide some public documents for the internal staff to view, such as company rules and regulations, new information and so on. NetEase Enterprise Mailbox Enterprise Network provides a relatively independent "public folder", unlike the network Disk folder, public folders do not need administrator settings to use permissions, the default enterprise staff can access and download the files inside, so that employees easier to use.

Deletion of files can realize the reduction of computer knowledge

In the day-to-day work of enterprises will inevitably encounter the case of mistakenly deleted documents, NetEase Enterprise Mailbox Enterprise network disk especially intimate for enterprise users to provide a file restore function, if the staff mistakenly deleted files, can be super Administrator in the recycling station to restore, and the system will automatically delete the deleted files directly to the deletion of the folder before the mistake, So as to reduce the loss caused by the negligence of employees ' work.

Enterprise network disk is a deep integration in the NetEase Enterprise mailbox Webmail Internal value-added services, for each enterprise free 5G space, using cloud storage technology, enterprise employees can store files in NetEase cloud server, so as to achieve the purpose of sharing files within the Enterprise domain. The Enterprise network disk function update, is NetEase Enterprise mailbox in the enterprise file storage and sharing of another upgrade, NetEase Enterprise Mailbox will continue to improve user experience, continue to pay attention to the safety and performance of enterprise application products, leading the enterprise mailbox industry in-depth innovation.

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