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A new form of website is about to be born. This website is composed of Pinyin + Chinese characters, allowing you to search for relevant content directly using pinyin. Some may find it strange that pinyin can bring traffic to the website?

According to elegant style, the SEO experiment-pinyin website experiment is also carried out to explore this problem. During the test, it was found that all search engines can basically translate pinyin into Chinese characters, for example, xiao you Xi, Baidu, Google, Yahoo, and other search engines will prompt: Are you looking: small game, and we can find that the results of the searched content exist in pinyin, and the search engine attaches great importance to pinyin search!

Can the pinyin site bring traffic?
The answer is yes. If it is a sound pinyin website, it is estimated that the overall traffic of the website may far exceed the traffic of ordinary Chinese websites. At present, there is almost no sound pinyin station, and there is almost no competition, so it is easy to get a good ranking, which is another way for individual webmasters. Is seoer still indifferent?

Will anyone search in pinyin?
A sound pinyin website has come out, and the ranking has arrived. Will someone search for it? Yes, a lot! Use "QQ you Xi" as the keyword to test the search results of various search engines:

Baidu search:

Baidu is the leader in Chinese search, and its pinyin search is very successful. Taking "QQ you Xi" as an example, there are more than one hundred pinyin phrases in Baidu-related search keywords, how much traffic can Baidu bring to the pinyin site?

Google Search:

Yahoo Search:

According to the search data of the three search engines, pinyin search exists. In addition, many users use Pinyin for searching! A new form of website also needs to be set up by Chinese webmasters.

A new form of website is coming soon!

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