CentOS, Ubuntu, Debian three Linux comparison and similarities

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Centos, Ubuntu, Debian Three Linux are very good system, open source system, also pay for the commercial version and free version, the following simple comparison of these three systems.

CentOS System

A very large number of commercial companies deployed in the production environment of the server are using the CentOS system, CentOS is compiled from the Redhat source code re-release version, CentOS removal of many server-independent applications, the system is simple but very stable, command-line operation can easily manage systems and applications, And there are help documentation and community support.

Ubuntu system

Ubuntu System has a beautiful user interface, complete package management system, strong software source support, rich technical community, and Ubuntu support for computer hardware is better than CentOS and Debian, compatibility is strong, Ubuntu application is very much, but for the server operating system, Does not require too many applications, need to be stable, easy to operate, maintain a simple system. If you need to use the graphical interface on the server side, Ubuntu is a good choice, you need to be aware that the graphical interface occupies a very large amount of memory, and the larger the memory of the VPS price is also higher.

Debian system

Debian system is also very suitable for the server operating system, compared to Ubuntu, it is not too much fancy, stability overwhelming, for the server operating system is a constant truth, Debian this Linux system, the bottom layer is very stable, the kernel and memory occupies very small, VPS in small memory can run smoothly Debian, such as 128M of memory, but Debian's help documents and technical information less, for small memory, preferred Debian, for very familiar with the Linux system VPS Master, preferred Debian.

CentOS, Ubuntu, Debian three Linux comparison and similarities

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