How SQL Server Upgrades the version

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1. Take SQLSERVER2014 as an example of how SQL Server upgraded the version, and also for processing after 180 days of the evaluation version.

2. Open all applications see a sqlserver2008 Installation center and a SQL Server 2014 installation Center

The installation center of sqlserver2014 is obviously chosen here. (though it's nonsense, I miss it myself.)

3. Select Maintenance and select Version Upgrade

Hold on a moment.

4. Enter the Product Key

If you are a pirate victim can enter some serial number, here casually from the Internet search:

SQL SERVER -/ theserial number key for Microsoft SQL SERVER -version DEVELOPER serial number: YQWTX-g8t4r-qw4xx-bvh62-Gp68ymicrosoft SQL SERVER -ENTERPRISE server/CAL version EDITION serial number: 748RB-x4t6b-mrm7v-rtvff-Chc8hmicrosoft SQL SERVER -Standard Serial number: YFC4R-brrwb-tvp9y-6wjq9-Mcjq7microsoft SQL SERVER -WEB Version number: Fb3w8-yrxdp-g8f8f-c46kg-Q998fmicrosoft SQL SERVER -Enterprise CORE Edition serial number: FH666-y346v-7xfq3-v69jm-Rhw28microsoft SQL SERVER -Business INTELLIGENCE version number: hrv7t-dvtm4-v6xg8-p36t4-Mryt6microsoft SQL Server theDeveloper Edition serial number: 82YJF-9rp6b-yqv9m-vxqfr-Yjbgxmicrosoft SQL Server theEnterprise Edition serial number: 27HMJ-gh7p9-x2ttb-wphqc-Rg79rmicrosoft SQL Server theStandard Edition serial number: P7FRV-y6x6y-y8c6q-tb4qr-Dmttkmicrosoft SQL Server theEnterprise Core Edition serial number: TJYBJ-8ygh6-qk2jj-m9dfb-D7m9dmicrosoft SQL Server theBusiness Intelligence serial number: GJPF4-7ptw4-bb9jh-bvp6m-Wftmjmicrosoft SQL Server theWeb Edition serial number: J9MBB-r8pmp-r8wtw-8jjrd-c6ggw

5. Enter in key to click Next to whether to agree to upgrade the place

6. Upgrade very fast four or five minutes to fix

How SQL Server Upgrades the version

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