How to Use the partition software partitionmagic (images) and precautions

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How to Use the partition software partitionmagic (images) and precautions
 Adjust partition capacity

Because the original partition is not due to weeks, there are new requirements in the application, or you want to install a new operating system, there may often be insufficient partition capacity, in particular, disk C is often plagued by insufficient space. At this time, partitionmagic can show its talents.

1. Select hard disk and partition
Run partitionmagic. In the left-side taskbar of the software window, select "adjust the capacity of a partition" . The "Adjust partition capacity wizard" is displayed, and click "Next ", select the hard drive for which you want to adjust the partition, and then select the partition for which you want to adjust the capacity.

2. Adjust the partition size

In the following dialog box, the size of the current hard disk capacity and the allowed minimum and maximum capacity are displayed. You can enter the changed partition size in the Value box at "new partition capacity. Note that the maximum value cannot exceed the maximum capacity allowed in the preceding prompt. In the next dialog box, select the capacity of the partition to be reduced to add it to the adjusted partition.

Finally, you need to confirm the changes made on the partition. In the dialog box, the comparison before and after the adjustment is displayed. After the check is correct, you can click "finish" to return to the main interface.

3. perform the operation

The preceding operations only plan the partition adjustment. To make it work, select the "application" button at the bottom of the left sidebar, A "application change" dialog box is displayed. Select "yes" to start the adjustment. The "process" dialog box is displayed, there are three progress bars showing the operation process. After the progress bar is complete, you can restart the computer.

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