Installation of the linux:red hat system

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Happy today, so I write this issue, this period is written Red Hat system installation, this development system is red Hat Enterprise produced, about the system of the relevant information on its own Baidu bar! Talk not much, directly into the content of this issue!

Installing the Red Hat system

System download

RHEL7.5 recently officially released, the following are:


Baidu Cloud Link:

Link: Password: 5n5z

System ready partition Reserve free space

Enter the PE, open Partition tool to partition, the partition is as follows:

Make USB drive Boot

Open the latest version of Uitraiso (soft disc pass) to make a red Hat u disk system boot.

After opening the image file, select "Write to Hard disk image" to start the USB drive.

After writing, restart the computer and insert a USB flash drive, press the USB flash drive to enter the Red Hat system installation interface to install the system.

Directly apply an image file for installation

In order to prevent unrecognized, we copy the image file on the USB flash drive to the drive letter: \myext (prohibit copying to the system disk like the C drive), Myext is a USB flash drive in a feature of the default folder, to quickly find the folder recognized, can be another name, However, it is not guaranteed to be recognized, it is recommended to take the default name. (This is what I said before, this issue is on the mend.) )

Restart the computer, go to the U Start Selection screen, select the 10th item.

Enter the system installation interface.

How to feel like CentOS 7, actually these two systems are made by Red Hat Enterprise, but CentOS 7 is Enterprise Edition, mainly for commercial use, and red hat like personal use.

Use the keyboard arrow keys to move the cursor up to the first item to install the system.

After a series of searches to enter the system installation interface, the following red boxes represent my operation and labeling.

The above depends on your situation.

Since the custom partition is the same as CentOS 7, this time the automatic partitioning has been taken.

Set Root password

Wait for the installation to complete.

Next up is personalization.

After accepting the license, the next step, the registration is not tube, may be the latest and then to spend money, then find a free on the line.

To this we will be installed, enter the password to enter the system, network configuration and CentOS 7 is not small, forget the words back to see.

Not I do not want to go down, is not going down, I entered the n-Times password can not enter, I knew not set so long.


Finally finished, today happy so write, the next issue of what to write, but still installed system subject matter, the next period will know.

Not easy to write, please support a lot! If you have any questions, please reply to me, if you really want to use this software friend suggested Baidu free version, does not contain registered or can be cracked on the line.

Installation of the linux:red hat system

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