is the development of direct marketing software Java good or. NET good

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What kind of program language is good for direct marketing software development? Direct selling software belongs to the financial, clearing, marketing integration software, is the lifeblood of direct marketing companies, the quality of software directly affect the company's development. We like to know the quality of direct marketing software, we first want to understand the development of direct marketing software language, now there are 4 kinds of direct marketing software development language, namely: ASP language, PHP language,. NET language, Java language. Only understand the advantages and disadvantages of computer programming language, we can according to their own later development better to make the appropriate choice, next to the Nanning Heng Yi Tatsu Network to carry out the following is the four kinds of computer language advantages and disadvantages analysis.
ASP language
Advantages: Database management is convenient, database upload and download is convenient, can be used on most servers, code is simple, easy to modify.
Disadvantages: Security, stability, cross-platform is low, there is no way to improve efficiency, not to achieve cross-operating system applications;
PHP language
Advantages: Cross-platform, superior performance, support N kinds of database (n>=10); At present, mainstream technology is supported; There are many mature frameworks; adapt to the basic object-oriented requirements, compared with ASP language, the security degree is higher;
Disadvantages: Management and maintenance is very inconvenient; PHP debugging environment than ASP complex, to have a certain degree of professionalism, high maintenance costs;
. NET language
Advantages: Comprehensive technical support, fast development speed, quick access to our direct marketing system, fast entry to market, relatively high cost of development, security compared to ASP language, security and PHP language is not very different, but the maintenance cost is relatively low;
Disadvantage: Some of the original code is encrypted, can not be modified, can only find help you develop the company to help you modify;

Direct marketing software development What kind of program language is good
Java language
Advantages: 0 Configuration, the database support five no features: No XML, no annotation, no getter, no setter, no attribute, low code, more powerful, higher performance, good stability, security compared to the other three languages Zui high;
Disadvantages: Need to run environment, high cost of development;
What kind of program language is good for direct marketing software development? Nanning Hengda Network supports two languages development one is the. NET language, one is the Java language, because. NET cost-effective, high system security, price concessions, development speed is fast, Java language powerful, security Zui High, do direct marketing system is the most important is to have high security, so we only develop secure direct marketing system software.

is the development of direct marketing software Java good or. NET good

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