Joomla Web site to achieve static page (for the benefit of SEO)

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Joomla website built, upload server, domain name can be accessed, the next problem is the site SEO optimization, as well as Baidu crawl, ranking and so on.

Therefore, the dynamic Web site needs to rewrite the rewrite through Apache, to achieve (pseudo) static page output:

(1) need in Joomla global settings

Then an access error occurs:

(2) modified in httpd.conf in Apache:

① will modify the #LoadModule rewrite_module modules/ to: LoadModule rewrite_module modules/mod_rewrite.s

② will httpd.conf inside AllowOverride None replaced by: allowoverride all

③ will httpd-vhosts.conf inside AllowOverride None replaced by: allowoverride all

④ will change the hatcess.txt in the Joomla site directory to the. hatcess file and modify its contents

#RewriteBase/-> Rewritebase/

Rewritecond%{request_uri}!^/index\.php-> rewritecond%{request_uri}!^/project folder name/index\.php

Go your own way, let people say it.

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