Kaa Chain System App development

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For a long time, information verification, source tracing, copyright protection is the pain point of the media industry. The blockchain has the features of de-centering, trusting, extensible, anonymous, safe and reliable. These characteristics of blockchain, if it can solve the existing pain point in the media industry, will have a disruptive change to the development of the media industry.

In a broad sense, blockchain technology is used to validate and store data using block chain structure, use distributed node consensus algorithm to generate and update data, and use cryptography to ensure the security of transmission and access. A new distributed infrastructure and computing approach to programming and manipulating data with smart contracts made up of automated scripting code.

Kaa's business model

Kaa Live is a blockchain-based application, including live entertainment + Live education training (learning Blockchain) + shareholder system + Exchange, our culture is the entertainment industry to realize everyone's star dream, education and training to achieve the big coffee dream, shareholder mechanism to achieve the success of everyone's dream. Three dreams come together to create a huge appeal for our future at all stages of the continuous contribution of fresh fan traffic, and through exchanges, live rewards, voting, shopping, shopping malls, games and other sections to achieve the entire ecological blockchain.

How does the relationship with Kaa occur?

We only need fans, download registered app, and complete real-name authentication, you can get 1BTC (bitcoin = money) random spell, if you can bring 100 traffic (fans) you will become Kaa shareholder, you can get Kaa platform total revenue 3%-15% (based on the multiplication of team traffic, Income is also relatively higher)

Kaa Model System Commentary: KAA Chain wallet system development, KAA chain system development, KAA chain blockchain development

Download registration and complete real-name authentication, randomly pick up to 1 BTC (Bitcoin = money)

VIP1 directly share 10 fan team 100 people get Kaa platform total revenue 3% dividends

(Free Silver card: including 3000KAA, release 8%=240kaa/month per month)

VIP2 directly share 20 fan team 300 people get Kaa platform total revenue 5% dividends

(Free Golden card: 10000KAA, monthly release 10%=1000kaa/month)

VIP3 directly share 50 fan team 1000 people get Kaa platform total revenue 10% dividends

(Complimentary diamond card: 30000KAA, monthly release 12%=3600kaa/month)

VIP4 directly share 100 fan team 5000 people get Kaa platform total revenue 15% dividends

(Free Black Diamond card: including 70000KAA, release 15%=10500kaa/month)

--The invitation mechanism is effective in two generations--

Blockchain data acquisition is true. In traditional media and social media, it is not technically possible to let the audience understand the whole process of news production, and in the blockchain news platform will realize the transparency of operations, almost every operation has a clear record of non-change.

Kaa Chain System App development

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