Xamarin develops some of the tools that Android collects

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Xamarin develops some of the tools that Android collects

工欲善其事, its prerequisite, from the second half of 16 to do xamarin related development, the usual use of some tools and Google plug-ins for everyone to share, have, continuous update.

    • Visual Studio Emulator for Android通过 Visual Studio 实现最佳Android模拟器(微软家的)
    • GenymotionAndroid模拟器(google家的)
    • Xamarin Live Playerxamarin开发android、ios实时预览器
    • Chrome ADB调试Android 的chrome插件
    • ADB wirless无线连接即可调试android的客户端工具
    • Json-handleJSON格式浏览和编辑的chrome插件
    • Restlet ClientHttp请求测试的chrome插件
    • Adblock屏蔽广告的chrome插件
    • Classyshark打开既用的android反编译工具
    • Apktoolandroid反编译工具
    • Mcodecheck安全码验证工具获取sha1值
    • Vysor手机的屏幕投影到电脑上
    • Octotreegithub看代码时左边出现项目的树形结构chrome插件
    • Android Asset Studio在线制作icon的网站
    • Android SDK Search查看android sdk源码的chrome插件
Visual Studio Emulator for Android

Conclusion: If your operating system is a family version, I'm sorry this is not  
Fast and free Android simulator, Microsoft Home production, need to turn on Hyper-V virtualization technology, you can understand this: [through hardware acceleration to improve emulator performance] 
During the installation process needs attention:  
1. Do not turn on CPU virtualization to first turn on the CPU virtualization  
2. To turn on Hyper-V first (Add this feature in Control Panel)  
3. Window 10 Home Edition does not have Hyper-V this function, need to execute this command. Save the file as Hyper-v.cmd execution, perform a reboot to see that the hyer-v  has been added;
4. The Window Home Edition is now found to be wrong even if you install Hyper-V Unable to add user to the Hyper-V Administrators Group exit code 2220, is not a solution is not yet known, StackOverflow on the answer is the reload system, installed Professional version. Really pit, with the original Dell Home version, found that this can not be installed, used to this, before I do not reload the system seems to be using this simulator "see if we can solve this problem"  
Discussion: https://stackoverflow.com/ questions/31766974/visual-studio-android-emulator-couldnt-install 

pushd "%~dp0"
Dir/b%systemroot%\servicing\packages*hyper-v*.mum >hyper-v.txt
for/f%%i in (' findstr/i. Hyper-v.txt 2^>nul ') do dism/online/norestart/add-package: "%systemroot%\servicing\packa Ges\%%i "
Del Hyper-v.txt

Do not turn on Hyper-V installation visual Studio Emulator for Android errors occur

(https://docs.microsoft.com/zh-cn/xamarin/android/get-started/installation/android-emulator/ Hardware-acceleration?tabs=vswin)
: Visual Studio Emulator for android download
Installation Tutorial: Win10 Installing Visual Studio Emulator for Android


Genymotion is a complete set of tools that provides an Android virtual environment. It's a boon for developers, testers, marketers, and even gamers.
Genymotion supports operating systems such as Windows, Linux and Mac OS, and is easy to install and use: Follow the simple installation process and choose an Android virtual device to experience the thrill of genymotion as you open it.
From the introduction of Baidu Encyclopedia

Genymotion Cross-platform Android simulator, easy to install and use this feature relative to Microsoft's own visual Studio Emulator for Android or weak point (open both), Genymotion as a Java development Android Androider should be everyone knows that using Xamarin to develop Android, may use Microsoft's own a little more. I prefer to use Microsoft's own as opposed to genymotion.
is not free, this is a bit more fucked, you can use the personal version of the
Installation Tutorial: 80146989

Xamarin Live Player

Microsoft launched Xamarin Live Player at the Build2017 conference.
Xamarin Live Player uses a quick QR code to pair a PC with an iOS device to stream the deployment process directly, and then the developer can see the changes directly on the device, and it's not necessary to debug Android. Users without Mac can debug iOS apps this is a very good choice.
Install this app to go to Google Play to download, here I have uploaded to Csdn
: Xamarin Live player download

Chrome ADB

Debug your Android Chrome plugin,

ADB Wireless

Wireless connection to debug Android client tools, can be downloaded in the major store, the use must be on the same LAN, the phone must root, although no data cable, relatively slow a little bit


JSON format to browse and edit the chrome plug-in, easy to view the JSON format, from the Web page open JSON format view very convenient and clear

Restlet Client

Testing Web Services Chrome plugin, although postman is widely used, Restlet client is also a good API test plug-in, after all, the first API test tool used by him, so recommend
: http://chromecj.com/productivity/2017-08/789.html

Chrome ad blocker, this should not appear in the title "Xamarin Development Android collection of some tools", this chrome plugin is too easy to use, in this AD Flying Web page is to purify it, strongly recommend, do not know, with all said well


Android Anti-compilation tool, fool-like operation, directly click Classyshark.jar Run to view the jar, APK, Dex and other files, you can view the project structure, total number of methods, package name and so on.
Source Address: Https://github.com/google/android-classyshark
: https://github.com/google/android-classyshark/releases
Recently very fire bullet SMS by the way with the fire NetEase cloud Letter


Compared to Classyshark, this apktool actually has three related tools, did not find Classyshark before I only know Apktool, relative Classyshark open both use, this tool is still trouble.
: Three related tools for anti-compilation. zip
Anti-compilation tutorial: Xamarin Android How to decompile apk files


The Security Code verification tool, when using a third-party map, requires a SHA1 signature value, which can be viewed and retrieved using this app.
There's no such thing as Xiaomi's App store, so I took 12 csdn points to download and upload it to my conscience's Cnblog file.
: https://files.cnblogs.com/files/zhangmumu/MCheckCode.apk


Vysor can be the screen of the phone projection to the computer, you can do click-related operations, share or demo, debugging code when you can liberate your hands, but this is not free, timely is free and not so easy to use. Full screen, adjust volume, screenshots, take photos these all require a fee upgrade to use


No GitHub, no yards. This is a github-readable chrome plugin, and when you look at the code on GitHub, a tree-shaped project structure appears in the left sidebar, with a clear project structure and a much easier reading of the code.
Source Code and Https://github.com/buunguyen/octotree

Android Asset Studio

Website: http://romannurik.github.io/AndroidAssetStudio/index.html
Android Asset Studio is an online icon-making website that allows you to customize the SVG images you need in Android

Android SDK Search

Check the Android source Chrome plugin, and eventually jump to the https://developer.android.com URL.
Plugin Download: Https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/android-sdk-search/hgcbffeicehlpmgmnhnkjbjoldkfhoin
Source: Https://github.com/romannurik/AndroidSDKSearchExtension
Use tutorial: Android SDK Search,androider Worth owning

Android KeyStore signture Tool

You can view the signatures of MD5, SHA1, sha265 according to KeyStore, and you need to use a third-party map for the SHA1 signature tool. Tools in VisualStudio extensions and updates can be obtained

Continue to update in ......
Thank you for your support .....

Xamarin develops some of the tools that Android collects

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