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Now do SEO optimization, generally at the same time how to do a good job of user experience at the same time, as much as possible to update the content of High-quality Web site, do a wide range of sites outside the chain, optimize their own site chain structure, etc., but to do so will certainly be able to get a nice SEO optimization SEO optimization is not so much work? I think that this is actually the PDCA principle do part, we also need a c,check process, if we find the plan and do problems, we can return to plan, another loop, This can improve the efficiency of SEO optimization work. The focus of this paper is to explore this check!

 One: View the ranking situation

See SEO optimization results can not achieve the expected, view the site's keyword ranking is very effective, of course, this kind of detection does not need to do every day, should be every once in a while to do a test, there is a very simple webmaster tools can help to detect the webmaster, but in the use of Webmaster tools to detect the same time, Also need to pay attention to the results of data records, the benefits of the record can help to create a period of time the change of keywords, through this change can effectively grasp the results of the optimization work.

  Second: The site included in the detection of the situation

In general, the number of sites included, the better the results of the site optimization, then we are in the detection of the site, is not only to detect the total collection of the site? The answer is no, the correct test should be the total number of sites included, feature pages and the number of column pages to detect, if the optimization effect is good, These three kinds of pages are included in the proportional type. These three kinds of web pages are included changes can help the webmaster do further optimization details, for example, the total number of Web sites, the overall good site optimization, and feature pages included more to explain the optimization of the long tail keyword to do a good job, and the number of columns page can let you find that the details of the site has not been done in place, can help you find a more balanced approach to optimization.

  Third: The inspection of the external chain

The importance of outer chain is self-evident, so many webmaster will spend a lot of energy on the outside of the chain, but the stability of the chain has been one of the problems of Web site optimization, because now the difficulty of the chain is more and more high, and sometimes you finally successfully built the site outside the chain, but one weeks after the day, The external chain of the site will be deleted, resulting in the number of sites outside the chain rise and fall, so every time the number of external chain testing is very necessary, and the content of the test should include the homepage of the site, features and the outside of the column page chain.

  Four: To learn to check the conversion rate

Many stationmaster thinks, the website conversion rate should and the user experience degree, and the website SEO optimization has nothing to do, this kind of idea is obviously wrong, now the website optimizes more is the user experience optimization, the Baidu search engine does not like to recommend those who do not have the user experience degree to own user, So search engine optimization is simply the optimization of site user experience, so the conversion rate detection is one of the most effective ways to analyze Web site optimization results, in the detection of Web site traffic conversion rate, should make a Zhangbiao, record different periods, site traffic and effective order number of the comparison chart, if the discovery of rapid flow growth, But there is no growth in orders, this means that the site optimization error, need to improve, this time should be back to plan stage, to optimize the site to reset, such as strengthening the long tail keyword optimization.

The above check method is to help the webmaster constantly optimize their own SEO optimization work, if the lack of check links, it may let the webmaster once into the optimization error will always not be able to repent, thus, PDCA process is currently the most effective site optimization process, four steps interlocking, Gradually promote the success of website optimization. Http://www.pfxs.com ordinary novel Webmaster, A5 starting, reproduced please indicate the source.

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