Lenovo Ben Win10 VirtualBox installing CentOS

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(1) Must develop operating system virtualization features, reference to the Baidu experience


(2) Adjust the virtual machine hard disk and CD-ROM boot sequence, mining pit many times, can not remember.

(3) are ready, or may not install or error. Adjust the number of Linux bits, 32 no, just try 64.

(4) Install the Min version of Linux, there is no ifconfig, and so on, with the IP a command to view network card information, corresponding to VirtualBox on the network card MAC information configuration NAT and host-only respective network card.

Check to see if there are two network cards available, one set to NAT, and the other set to host-only before installing the Linux system. The normal situation should have 4 to match, start two on the line.

Lenovo Ben Win10 VirtualBox installing CentOS

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