Linux Software Installation Management rpm

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Types of Linux software packages

RPM binary Package , already using GCC compiled tar source package  ->  need to compile

When using RPM, when to use the full name of the package, when to use the package name

Full name of package: zsh-5.0. 2-el7.x86_64.rpm package name: Zsh
    • Full name: used when installing and updating
    • Package Name: When operating a package that has already been installed, such as looking for a package that has already been installed, uninstalling the package, etc., using the package name, by default in the/var/lib/rpm/directory, when an RPM package is installed on the system, the installation information is usually saved locally/var/lib/rpm/ Directory under

Installing the RPM software

rpm [parameters] package     -I is installed means, install package     -v Display additional information, provide    more details -V-check, check     the installed software-h-hash installation Output # # # #标记

RPM Query function

Rpm-q is often used in combination with the following parameters

-A (All) query all installed packages -f (file) system file name, query the system files belong to which package, reverse query -I show the installed RPM package information, followed by direct parking name - I (list) query package installation location -P Query The information about the package not installed, followed by the software named -R Query package dependencies


-Q zsh
-qa | grep VI
Query the path to a file or command belonging to the installation package query CD command which CD install package       based on path query -qf/usr/bin/cd  
-QPI RPM Package Name
--vf file path
If it does not appear or appears to be all points, the test fails by appearing the following character representing the failed 5-MD5 checksum of the test, which changes the contentS-file length, size is changedL-Symbolic link, whether the file path changes the T-file modification date Change D-Device U-User, the owner of the file G-User groupm-mode (includes license and file type)? -the C file name behind the unreadable files, which represents the file type C profile D normal file G should not appear in the file, meaning this file should not be included in this package L authorization files (license file) R profile

RPM Package Uninstall

RPM-E package    name-e-nodeps package name    Ignore dependency

RPM Package Upgrade

RPM-UVH Package Full Name

Since the update will have some dependency packages to solve, we typically use the Yum Updata package to update

Linux Software Installation Management rpm

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