Node JS combat: Registered login form with database and encryption

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Registration effect:

Landing effect:


Database operations


This module encapsulates all the common operations of the database var mongoclient = require (' MongoDB '). Mongoclient;var settings = require ("..   /settings.js ");//Regardless of database operation, are connected to the database, so we can connect the database//encapsulated into the internal function functions _connectdb (callback) {var url = settings.dburl; From the settings file, both the database address//Connection database Mongoclient.connect (URL, function (err, db) {if (err) {Callback (ER            R, NULL);        Return    } callback (err, DB); });} Insert Data Exports.insertone = function (CollectionName, JSON, callback) {_connectdb (function (err, db) {Db.collect            Ion (CollectionName). Insertone (JSON, function (err, result) {callback (err, result); Db.close (); Close the database})};//find the data and find all the data.    Args is an object {"Pageamount": Ten, "page": 10}exports.find = function (CollectionName, JSON, C, D) {var result = [];        Result array if (arguments.length = = 3) {//Then parameter C is callback, parameter d is not passed.        var callback = C;        var skipnumber = 0;    Number limit var limit = 0; } else if (arguments.length = = 4){var callback = D;        var args = C; Number of bars that should be omitted var skipnumber = args.pageamount * | |        0; Number limit var limit = Args.pageamount | |        0; Sort by var sort = Args.sort | |    {}; } else {throw new Error ("The number of arguments to the Find function must be 3, or 4.")        ");    Return }//Connect to the database and find all _CONNECTDB (err, db) {var cursor = db.collection (collectionname) after connection. FIND (JSON). Skip        (Skipnumber). Limit (limit). sort (sort);                Cursor.each (err, doc) {if (err) {callback (err, NULL); Db.close ();            Close the database return;   } if (Doc! = null) {Result.push (doc);                Put in the result array} else {//traversal end, no more documents callback (null, result); Db.close ();    Close Database}}); });}        Delete Exports.deletemany = function (CollectionName, JSON, callback) {_connectdb (function (err, db) {//delete Db.collection (collectionname). Deletemany (JSON, function (err, results) {callback (Err, result                s); Db.close ();    Close database}); });} Modify Exports.updatemany = function (CollectionName, Json1, Json2, callback) {_connectdb (the function (err, db) {db).                Collection (CollectionName). Updatemany (Json1, Json2, function (err, results) {                Callback (err, results);            Db.close ();    }); })}exports.getallcount = function (collectionname,callback) {_connectdb (function (err, db) {db.collection (coll            Ectionname). Count ({}). Then (function (count) {callback (count);        Db.close ();    }); })}

Password encryption:

var crypto = require ("crypto"= function (mingma) {    var MD5 = Crypto.createhash ('MD5');     var password = md5.update (Mingma). Digest ('base64');     return password;}



<!doctype html><html lang="en"><head> <meta charset="UTF-8"> <title></title></head><body> <h1> Please login </h1> <div> <form AC tion=""Method="Post"> <p>Login Name:<input type="text"Id="dengluming"/> </p> <p>Password:<input type="Password"Id="Mima"/> </p> <p> <input id="Denglu"Type="Button"Value="Login"/> </p> </form> </div> <script type="Text/javascript"Src="/jquery-1.11.3.min.js"></script> <script type="Text/javascript">//submit a form with Ajax$("#denglu"). Click (function () {$.post ("/dologin",{                "dengluming": $("#dengluming"). Val (),"Mima": $("#mima"). Val ()},function (result) {if(Result = ="1") {alert ("Landing Success"); }Else if(Result = ="-2") {alert ("without this registered user"); }Else if(Result = ="-1") {alert ("The password is not correct");    }            })        }); </script></body></html>


<!doctype html><html lang= "en" ><head> <meta charset= "UTF-8" > <title></title>&lt ;/head><body> <div> <p> Login name: <input type= "text" name= "dengluming" id= "Denglum ing "/> </p> <p> Password: <input type=" password "name=" Mima "id=" Mima "/> &L    t;/p> <p> <input id= "zhuce" type= "button" value= "register"/> </p> </div> <script type= "Text/javascript" src= "/jquery-1.11.3.min.js" ></script> <script type= "Text/javascript" >//Use AJAX to submit the form $ ("#zhuce"). Click (function () {$.get ("/doregist", {"dengluming"): $ ("#dengluming"). Val (), "Mima": $ ("#mima"). Val ()},function (Result) {if (result =                = "1") {alert ("registered successfully");                }else{alert ("Registration failed");    }            })        }); </sCript></body></html> 

Login Registration:

var express = require ("Express"), var app = Express (), var formidable = require (' formidable '); var db = require ("./MODEL/DB.J S "), var MD5 = require ("./model/md5.js "), App.set (" View Engine "," Ejs "), App.use (Express.static ("./public "));// Registration page App.get ("/regist", function (Res,res,next) {Res.render ("regist");}); /landing Page App.get ("/login", function (Res,res,next) {res.render ("login");});    /Execute Registration App.get ("/doregist", function (Req,res,next) {var dengluming = req.query.dengluming;    var mima = Req.query.mima;    Encryption Mima = MD5 (MD5 (MIMA). substr (4,7) + MD5 (Mima));         Save username and password to database Db.insertone ("users", {"dengluming": dengluming, "Mima": Mima},function (Err,result) {            if (err) {res.send ("-1");        Return    } res.send ("1"); })}); ("/dologin", function (req,res,next) {var form = new Formidable.    Incomingform ();        Form.parse (req, Function (Err, fields, files) {var dengluming = fields.dengluming;      var mima = Fields.mima;  Mima = MD5 (MD5 (MIMA). substr (4,7) + MD5 (Mima)); Retrieve the database, retrieve the database by login name, and see if the password matches db.find ("users", {"dengluming":d engluming},function (Err,result) {if (Result.leng  th = = 0) {res.send ("-2");           -2 No this person return;            } var Shujukuzhongdemima = Result[0].mima; For the user to enter the password this time, the same encryption operation.  Then the password in the//database is compared to if (Mima = = Shujukuzhongdemima) {res.send ("1");    Successful}else{res.send ("1");//Password Mismatch}});    }); return;}); App.listen (3000);

Database address:


Module.exports = {
"Dburl": "Mongodb://localhost:27017/day7"

Node JS combat: Registered login form with database and encryption

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