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1. Project Manager (1 person)
A) competitors analyze and develop solutions beyond the limit
B) formulation of project optimization policies
C) assignment, assessment, training, etc.
D) Log Analysis and Policy Modification

2. Technology (1 person)
Responsible for system construction, upgrade and maintenance (other jobs can be dispatched when your job is busy)

3. Artist (1 person)
Page beautification, static page creation, and so on (you can send other jobs when your job is busy)

4. Operation personnel (1-2 persons)
A) set target keywords for each product and mine long tail keywords
B) do a good job in external links, such as blogs, forums, and links for friendship.

5. Edit (1-2 persons)
A) release content
B) do a good job in the product chain

The above is an approximate structure. Depending on the size of the project, if there is a shortage of people there, add them when there is a shortage. Do not fill the pool at one time.

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