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In previous versions of myeclipse 9, we could do this if we wanted to add automatic code hints for the html editor:
Windows-->preferences-->MyEclipse-->Files andEditors-->HTML-->HTML Source-->Content assist
Enter <=abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz on the right after Prompt when these characters are inserted
In this way, we can enter the arbitrary characters, spaces, etc. when editing the content in the html code to achieve the function of automatic code prompting.
But such a useful function in MyEclipse 9.0 and later, we can not see the Contentassist option behind the HTML Source, there is no place to fill in the above automatic prompt content. Such a very useful feature does not know why myeclipse officially canceled this setting.

When I use myeclipse10.0, I wrote html code in jsp and found that if there is no such automatic prompt, it will greatly affect the work efficiency. After some research, we can use the code method to add HTML code to our myeclipse10.

1, File-->Export-->General-->Preferences click Next, export this configuration file to the desktop, my name is t.epf,

2. Open the file with a text editor on the desktop, add the following line to the content and save it.

Contains everything, including the previous /

3. Then import this configuration file, File-->Import-->General-->Preferences, which is the reverse of the first step.
Now open the JSP or HTML content to see if there is already an automatic prompt?

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