The old boy is visiting NetEase Cloud Classroom: Modeling high-end Linux operations engineer Cheats

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If you want to get into the business of operations it? Not aware of the prospects and roadmap for Linux OPS engineers? It is unclear what system is optimized for Linux operations? Then what are you waiting for?

To listen to the old boy teacher's live class, take you second understand the Linux operation and maintenance engineer position and learning route.

Live Time
First: Operations Engineer job prospects and Learning Route   (October 24 Tuesday)
Second game: OPS Engineer Ultimate Career Planning               (November 8 Wednesday)

Applicable people
it Internet, Linux high-end operations engineer practitioners, Linux enthusiasts

"Old boy"
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this content by the famous old boy educates the founder, the old boy teacher to explain, it practical psychology domestic first person, the domestic top Linux cluster organization expert, 16 first-line IT experience and teaching training experience, many of the best-selling Linux book author! Old boy, Beijing old boy It education founder, has ten years of first-class large-scale website cluster operation and maintenance architecture combat experience and teaching experience, has led the expansion from several to thousands of large-scale cluster operation and maintenance architecture, operation and maintenance framework of the actual combat knowledge system, good at large-scale cluster architecture deployment tuning, virtualization, cloud computing, big data, MySQL database and other technologies, is the IT industry veteran Linux cluster Architecture combat experts. The old boy is also the founder of the National NLP Psychology operation and Maintenance ideology, the psychology operation and maintenance thought is applied to the teaching training practice, has achieved the remarkable effect, The average employment wage and late development of the teaching students in the domestic Linux industry in the leading position for many years. The teaching pays attention to the theory combined with the enterprise real scene, serious and responsible, the thinking rigorous, attaches importance to the student's operation and maintenance thought, the norm, the habit, the summary, the expression communication and so on ability training, accumulates the beneficiary tens of thousands of

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The old boy is visiting NetEase Cloud Classroom: Modeling high-end Linux operations engineer Cheats

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