VMware Workstation11.0 Install the most complete guide to Mac OS X 10.10 (contains all the resources you need to download)

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Preface Note: Recently changed a new computer, configuration a lot of, want to install virtual machine to play under iOS, which also met a few big pits, now just completely installed, all the steps and resources integrated into a place, behind the friends can avoid wasting a lot of unnecessary Baidu time. "I will first use the program and version of the instructions, because this very often, the use of virtual machines to install the Mac, in fact, is a black Apple, this depends on a lot of cracking tools, but these tools are version supported. I installed these versions of the problem, but if you download other versions of the Internet, I can not make sure that there is no problem, can only be tried. “”

VMware 11.0 Perpetual inactive activation Key 1f04z-6d111-7z029-av0q4-3aeh8
VMware V11.0.0 Simplified Chinese official edition

Mac OS is a 10.10 version, it seems to be the latest

Mac OS X 10.10 Mirroring Link: http://pan.baidu.com/s/1eQg0W3w Password: xqm4

The resources are downloaded well and can then be installed:
1. VMware installation is very simple, whether it is installed in the default folder, or your own designated system disk outside the disk, there is no relationship, everyone at random. The next step is the line.
2. When VMware is installed, it is not possible to go directly to the system. When you click on "Create a new virtual machine-" Select Install the operating system later-"next", you will find there is no Mac OS this system option.

The Black Apple Hack tool is on the pitch. Python support is required, so the Python2.7 also needs to be under.

unlocker204 Link: http://pan.baidu.com/s/1o6Ea8xO Password: im5h
Python2.7 https://www.python.org/downloads/release/python-2710/

After downloading this tool, unzip it on the disk.
This time note that the decompression path can not have Chinese!!!!

Decompression path can not have Chinese!!!! Decompression path can not have Chinese!!!! Decompression path can not have Chinese!!!!

The important thing to say three times, because I myself was a hole into a dog.

You are like me, the quiet decompression on the D-plate is good.

Python download is good, directly all the default installation, very simple.

Then, right-click to use "Administrator rights to run" win-install.cmd, and so he installed, even after the cracked.
Re-open VMware to see if there is a Mac OS that system installation option.

There's a little hole here, but I haven't met. It is here that it is possible to crack or useless, this time need to go to the explorer, the VMware related processes, and services are stopped. But according to my method, there should be no such problem. Because I didn't meet myself.

To this, the hack is complete. Go back to VMware and install Mac OS.

The following is a diagram of each step starting with a click to create a new virtual machine. There's absolutely no more detail.

In this way, the entire virtual machine is created.
It just creates a virtual machine. Oh, that's the equivalent of buying a computer, not a system yet. This time to come up with the programmer's necessary skills, only install the system, but night .
Click Start virtual machine, Pit Daddy pop out two ghosts.

Completely unintelligible, however,

The workaround: Turn on virtualization support for the CPU. Open in the BIOS, that is, you want to restart the computer in the boot, press ESC or F1 sen this kind of, each computer is not the same, this please own Baidu. Go to the BIOS interface, look for the CPU settings, turn on the CPU virtualization support. Specific is a variety of motherboard bios, please own Baidu. Very simple.

Click again to start the virtual machine, and then you will find that

I am *, the pit father. All done, you brought me this bird thing.
Calm down.

Remember this path, when I changed the F-disk, if you choose the default, please look for yourself. Using the Text tool, you are the programmer don't tell me I don't know what the Text tool is, EditPlus, or the Notepad that comes with Windows, open OS X 10.10.vmx

In the last line of the file, add:


Don't ask me why, because I don't have chickens.

Start the virtual machine again, Yo! I am *, the magic is good! It's a dick .

Waiting for the sacred apple ritual.

After the completion of the ceremony is to choose the language Sen, at this time, anyway, my mouse is card floating up, but calm, the back can be solved! You can't blame me for hitting the computer directly.

Anyway i 30 multilevel of English, still choose the Simplified Chinese. You have to install force, the proposed choice of Japanese, Kimoji. Did I say a little bit about sen, hide the face ~

Here comes the point! Watch it!

After wiping out this disk tool, exit in the upper left corner, I will not. I can't find a problem with IQ.

After exiting, you can continue the installation.

I know you have to ask, what if you don't erase it?

Good! I just like you little naughty! Because I didn't erase it from the start!

It will Jiangzi!

Point to continue, then drink coffee and so on.
It's the ritual time.
After the ceremony, it was a very simple next step:

Mac Install VM Tools:
Just installed the system, simply jammed, the mouse is the kind of floating, can not be used.
Click on this machine, the above selection bar is transparent.

This time there is another artifact,VM TOOLS. The system can be optimized, it will not be jammed.

Remember that hack tool we got down there,unlocker204 ?

Now we can install the tool, the world will be beautiful!

    1. Mount the system installation file in your Mac first
    2. Modify the image in the drive in the virtual machine settings
    3. Click on the small disc in the lower right corner, pop up two options, then click Connect
    4. About two seconds, the desktop pops up the VM tool's installation interface.
      Then the next step is to install the line. Reboot is done after installation.

After the restart, you feel the world has changed. No more cards. Feel a bit of peace inside.

VMware Workstation11.0 Install Mac OS full screen issue:
Finally, many people desktop, the default resolution is relatively small, virtual machine Mac cannot full screen. After installing VM tools, you don't have to modify the resolution Sen, just a few things. Can be adapted to all screens.

You just order this, you don't have to say anything on the Internet to modify the resolution of the description profile. The key is!!! Modified it doesn't work! Cry.. - -。。。

All right. The entire installation is over. I quite then re-loaded again, I hope everyone installed good words on the point of saving, to meet my shameful vanity. Ha ha. Escape ~

Copyright NOTICE: This article for Bo Master original article, without Bo Master permission not reproduced.

VMware Workstation11.0 Install the most complete guide to Mac OS X 10.10 (contains all the resources you need to download)

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