VMware 8 Install Apple Mac OS detailed tutorial

VMware 8 installs Apple Mac OS X 10.7 Lion official edition (and upgrades to 10.7.2) Today, under VM8 install Mac OS X 10.7   1. Tool article Vmware Workstation 8.0 Official edition Vmware8.0 Chin

Build a MAVEN project under Mac OS X + idea--Maven's dependency management

The previous blog post about how to install Maven is a sequel to how Maven manages dependencies. The strong thing about Maven is management dependency. Relying on delivery, dependency inheritance, and pom imports make it easy to rely on version manag

Mac OS and Ubuntu installation Virtualenvwrapper

A. Mac Mac platform Test because of the system integrity protection, causing the PIP to install the new version of the package can not unload the old version of the package and then install failed, you need to turn off system integrity protection an

Mac OS install open CV2 for Python__python

Turn from: http://blog.csdn.net/flyfy1/article/details/8274288 See a few install open cv2 for Python, feel a little trouble. The above two is relatively simple. My operating system is 10.7,python 2.7.3. The first is to install CMake, which is

"OpenCV" Mac OS x platform uses Xcode to build OpenCV environment

This paper describes how to build a OPENCV environment under the MAC system. Software Requirements: Mac OS (Mine is 10.11.6), Xcode (My is 8.1), OpenCV (not recommended to the official website to download first, the specific follow-up will be explain

MAC OS Installation RABBITMQ

1, installation Installing RABBITMQ under Mac is very simple, and the general default RABBITMQ server-dependent Erlang has been installed, with the following two commands to complete the RABBITMQ installation (provided homebrew has been installed):

Mac OS X Mount Pip, Ipython__python

Mac has come with Python, my Mac system is Yosemite, and the Python version is 2.7.10. But Ipython to install themselves, there are many ways online, but there is not a simple and can quickly solve the problem. I will install the Ipython on my own to

[Linux] MAC OS X command line control wifi command __linux

MAC OS X command line control WiFi command MAC command line to view the current WiFi network device name 1 2 Networksetup-listallhardwareports//or use Ifconfig to find the Wifi device name My results are as follows: You ca

MAC OS X installs Python3 and scrapy framework __python

First install homebrew, this online search mac How to install homebrew can be solved; After installation Python--version//view current Mac with version Brew Search Python//will search Python and Python3. Brew Install Python//start installatio

Failed to install scrapy with Pip under Mac OS El Capitan

Environment: Python 2.7,python 3.4 installed at the same time Use the Install command pip install Scrapy Download Normal Error during installation: Installing collected Packages:scrapy, six, Queuelib, lxml, W3lib, Cssselect Cleaning up ... Exception:

Problems with MAC OS updating git version

Tags: export new version of the system paths Mac OS path command line mac encounters fileWhen updating the GIT version, no backup deleted the original version, after installing the new version of 2.18.0, using the command line git--version, returned

System directory structure for MAC OS X

Tags: target frame ati file System Vol lib crash part kindBecause Mac belongs to a Unix-like system, Mac OS X directory = Unix System Universal Directory + unique DirectoryThe following is the Unix generic directory/bin

Install Mac Os and install Qt development app in Virtual Box

Tags: compute git black omr span right-click Ott Error:idt Guide As a result of beslyric-for-x project development needs, began to try to develop Qt applications under Mac Os. After a successful attempt, record it and hope to

Common operations commands for MAC OS x terminals (Unix instructions)

Tags: common operations dir how RIP director ignore name directory OpenWith more than 10 years of windows, and finally changed a high with the Mac, as the saying goes regardless of the front end or back end or toward the Linux, no matter how many

Compiling the FFmpeg on Mac OS

Tags: amp other next Automake solve class master lame esetThis article turns from: Compiling FFmpeg on Mac OS | Www.samirchen.comInstall Xcode and Command line ToolsInstall Xcode from the App Store and make sure that Command line Preferences ->

How to install Mac OS under Virtual box

Tags: RTU href sdn csdn Installation Detail Blog NET systemThese days, sudden whim, want to try a Mac OS, after all, is a noble system, after loading, do feel the font is very good.Other better features haven't been found yet, but I'd like to make a

"Mac OS" "Valet" Environment configuration

Tags: aries simple pack load background run software naming FSS BSPWhat is valet?Valet is a PHP development environment that provides a super simple Laravel framework for Mac.In Mac, when you start the machine, valet always runs the PHP built-in Web

Mac Os installation using Itchat

Tags: official website using 2.7 PIP installation website comes with Pytho chat first stepApple comes with Python 2.7.10 This is the old version and is no longer maintained. Learn to use the words recommended to install the latest Python 3.7.0 on

Mac OS X Commands +10 Common command-line tools

Label:Many friends are scratching their heads at the command-line operations under OSX, most of which are expected to start touching computers in the Windows ERA. DOS-based should be seen to understand, and played Linux should be pro. This post hope

View and set Java_home under Mac OS X

Tags: int mac one requires Mac OS number Mac OS X app command lineJava_home is a lot of applications need to configure things, I installed a lot, every time to re-surf the internet to find out how to look for Java_home, here the method of the Mac

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